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First Looks: LibertyControl

Friday, October 21, 2005
posted by Geetesh on 11:23 AM IST

LibertyControl turns your Palm PDA/Smartphone into a full-fledged PowerPoint remote control with an array of features. With LibertyControl, your can view your PowerPoint notes on the screen of your Palm device along with setting time limits and alert notifications per slide. You also have total control of your desktop environment, using your 8-way navigation as your mouse and a built in virtual keyboard. More on the LibertyControl site...


posted by Geetesh on 10:13 AM IST

When the revamped suite hits the market in the second half of 2006, Office 12's new UI will present commands from the perspective of users rather than software developers, reported Julie Larson-Green, Microsoft group program manager for the Office User Experience. Microsoft's number-one goal was "to focus on what [users] want to do rather than on how they do it," Larson-Green said in a recent online interview. More on the Top Tech News site...:


posted by Geetesh on 9:53 AM IST

TurningPoint 2006, a natively integrated PowerPoint-based audience response solution was a featured product at the recent PowerPoint Live conference in San Diego. Not only was the product demonstrated, TurningPoint was used as it was designed to: gather information throughout the conference sessions from the audiences. More on the Yahoo Finance site...


Wednesday, October 19, 2005
posted by Geetesh on 11:03 AM IST

Apple has released its new video equipped iPod and I've already started receiving questions about creating PowerPoint presentation output that can work on these video iPods. There is no automated one-click solution yet, but Apple does have a tutorial for creating video content for the iPod...


posted by Geetesh on 10:43 AM IST

VertigoXmedia has launched a new version of its Xpresenter system that will be on display at GVExpo 2005, Nov. 30 to Dec. 1 in Washington D.C. An affordable, stand-alone system that transforms Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into high-end, broadcast-quality-video productions, Xpresenter now includes a number of upgrades that enhance the look and feel of the user interface and make the system even easier to use. More on the broadcastbuyer.tv site...


Saturday, October 15, 2005
posted by Geetesh on 11:53 AM IST

Austin Myers, PowerPoint MVP told me about this one. As he said: "Ever had to figure out the RGB or Hex value for a color? Here is a great little tool that does it for you regardless of what application you are running. I highly recommend it for anyone wrestling with exact colors." Find it here...


posted by Geetesh on 9:20 AM IST

Now, the word "community" is way-overused in our industry. But PowerPoint Live is such an intimate and friendly event that its sense of community is palpable. It has to be mainly the work of its host, Rick Altman, who also runs a Corel event. He extends a warm and sincere personal welcome to all who attend, present, or sponsor the show. Tom Bunzel tells you more...


Tuesday, October 11, 2005
posted by Geetesh on 10:37 AM IST

InsertPicture allows you to insert tons of pictures at one go into PowerPoint slides so that you can feed a whole folder of pictures to PowerPoint at one go - no more going to the Insert | Picture menus a hundred times! Learn more here...


posted by Geetesh on 10:35 AM IST

You’ve spent a lot of time designing a presentation template. The background image is just right, the fonts are defined, line spacing and bullet points are formatted, and the company logo is clean and well-presented. Now, how do you marry the rest of your graphic elements to the template to keep the design consistent across your presentation? Julie Terberg teaches you how consistent color palettes can help...


Sunday, October 09, 2005
posted by Geetesh on 5:56 AM IST

HP recently added the mp2210 to their 2200 series projectors and it’s one of their lightest and least expensive portable DLP projectors to date. Measuring only 7.9 x 6.5 x 2.4 inches and weighing in at a scant 2.4 pounds this projector is small enough to carry in a briefcase without straining your shoulder. And at a suggested retail price of just $1,499 it won’t strain your AV budget either. This projector is designed from the ground up for the road-warrior business presenter and it shows. More on the Audio Video Producer site...


Saturday, October 08, 2005
posted by Geetesh on 2:30 PM IST

John Bickerton discusses royalty free music...


posted by Geetesh on 12:31 PM IST

Indezine.com has free Halloween PowerPoint templates!

Download them now...


Friday, October 07, 2005
posted by Geetesh on 4:38 AM IST

Articulate received two Best of Show Awards, one for content authoring and a second for assessment tools at last week’s TechLearn conference in Las Vegas. The awards, sponsored by Questex Media Group, Inc., were given to products with the best potential to change the future of the learning and training industry. Articulate’s Presenter 5.0 and Quizmaker 2.0 products were judged on characteristics such as ease of integration, implementation, system quality, customer service, and return on investment. More on the Articulate site...


Thursday, October 06, 2005
posted by Geetesh on 12:11 PM IST

Is Microsoft out to shaft Adobe after the recent aquisition of Macromedia? Is the insertion of a PDF engine into Office 12 suite a retaliation move? Microsoft, who see Adobe as a major threat after they recently aquired Macromedia have denied allegations that it has added support for the Portable Document Format (PDF) to the forthcoming Office 12 as a reaction to the recent aquisition by Adobe of Macromedia. More on the SmartOffice News site...


Saturday, October 01, 2005
posted by Geetesh on 12:21 AM IST

Have you ever wanted to add a frame to a picture you inserted on a PowerPoint slide? It's actually not obvious, but you can create nice frames using PowerPoint's built-in tools. If you need more than PowerPoint's tools can provide, you also can always get some content outside PowerPoint. In this article, I show you how you can use both of these techniques to create attractive picture frames for your slides...


posted by Geetesh on 12:16 AM IST

This morning I read an article about the new Microsoft Office 12 that will be coming out some time in 2006. It seems that Microsoft has discovered that no one uses all the new features they've added to Office over the last 10 years or so. The theory is that the features are all buried in menus and are now too hard to find. Read more with Susan Daffron...


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