PPTmovie: The Indezine Review

Created: Thursday, May 10, 2007, posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 8:54 am

It’s very often that users ask for an option to save their PowerPoint presentations to a movie format. And with media distribution options multiplying each day, this is one area that’s a sore point with PowerPoint users since PowerPoint for Windows does not provide this ability unlike its versions on the Mac. PPTmovie, a new product that I am reviewing today allows you to convert any PowerPoint presentation to one of the several video formats it supports — these output formats allow you to burn your presentation to a CD or DVD and and play it back on a DVD player. You can also make your presentation-movie available on YouTube or another video sharing site, or transfer it to a portable device such as iPod, PSP, or mobile phone.

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  • Geetesh,

    Thanks for reviewing this software. I downloaded pptmovie and really like how easy it is to use. I think I’ll like it once I can get past this hurtle:

    I also purchased Flash Video Studio to convert other .avi and related files I have to .swf. For whatever reason, the .avi files created by pptmovie aren’t recognizable as valid by Flash Video Studio. Don’t know why. It seems to recognize the mpg files just fine.

    Plus, the email contact at the pptmovie website ([email protected]) just gives me an error response when I tried to contact them about it.

    Shame…I love how simple to use their product is.

  • Hello Brandon,
    Is it possible for you to try to use another AVI codec on the “Video settings” tab of PPTmovie? The problem may be in some incompatibility between Flash Video Studio’s set of codec and the codec that you used for the conversion. Also, we am looking into the problem with email @pptmovie.com, thanks a lot for letting us know. In the meantime can you please use [email protected]?
    Thanks once again,
    PPTexpert support

  • Chose another codec and it worked. Thanks Anatoly for the help. And thanks again for the review, Geetesh.

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