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Google’s PowerPoint Plans

Will online applications ever replace the ones we use on our desktop? Will Google’s slew of online programs shake the Microsoft juggernaut of Office programs? There are no clear answers yet — but the battle lines are getting drawn more distinctly now as Google prepares to launch it’s presentation program in direct confrontation to PowerPoint.

However, there’s a larger question there waiting to be asked: will users be able to play these presentations offline, and project them? That’s going to be a more important issue for presentations than for documents and spreadsheets since presentations are projected or broadcasted to hundreds and thousands of users.

I’ll look for those answers and share them with you. Meanwhile, there’s more information on Google’s so called PowerPoint killer.

The Inquirer reported that “it’s been known for a long while that Google will at some point take on PowerPoint with a web-based presentations package. The breaking news is that the coming-out party for the software is any day now. Called Presently, the slideshow program is likely to be based in part on code Google bought through the acquisitions of Zenter and Tonic Systems earlier this year”.

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