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PowerPoint Experts Club: Conversation with Jihoon Kim

Jihoon Kim serve as sys-op at PowerPoint Experts Club, a popular online community for Korean PowerPoint users. Jihoon is also a Microsoft MVP for PowerPoint.

Geetesh: Tell us more about yourself and the PowerPoint Experts Club.

Jihoon: My name is Jihoon Kim. I lead the Microsoft Powerpoint Expert Club”, an online community on Naver (Korean No.1 Search Portal). My alias in the club is Promise. www.powerpoint.kr

Launched on December 09 2003, our community is continuously growing with the currently 210,000 members, which is regarded as biggest knowledge community in PowerPoint area. Our PowerPoint Expert Club cafe is open not only to experts but also to anyone who’s interested in PowerPoint and who’s looking for such information. Our cafe intends to be a place where anyone can be an expert even with his little knowledge of PowerPoint and such knowledge can be shared. This is our community philosophy: virtue of sharing, and we always try to do so.

Since being awarded as a PowerPoint MVP in 2006, I’m sharing information and giving professional lectures to people who want to learn an efficient business presentation skills.

Geetesh: The PowerPoint scene in Korea is very experimentive — with illustrations, movies, and games being created using PowerPoint. Can you tell us more about this?.

Jihoon: You commented that the usage of PowerPoint in Korea is experimental. The reason seems to me that you saw only some of our members’ works. But it’s not the general usage in Korea.

I think there are many PowerPoint enthusiasts, because of PowerPoint’s ease in graphical presentation. And such is the case in our community. These days, there is a fair number of people who put these high level skills to professional presentation usage. And now that PowerPoint animation has been improved next to Flash since Office XP (PowerPoint 2002), this animation is being used to captivate the distracted audience in the beginning of presentation.

Paying attention to this, we held a contest in celebration of reaching 200,000 members (maybe you saw some “experimental” works in this contest). You can see one of our experimental works on YouTube…

Also there are some enthusiasts who create animations, games by use of high level illustration and animation method. But this is out of PowerPoint substance, so I don’t recommend it as leader of one of major online communities.

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