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Sho-Q: Conversation with Henk de Groot

Henk de Groot (pictured to the left) has been very involved in display and presentation technology. In the last 17 years, he has held various management positions at Tektronix in Europe and the USA; he led the European operation of InFocus projectors right from its startup for 9 years. He is owner of Intelligent Lectern Systems BV and Sho-Q BV where he developed a new presentations systems solutions that creates a product category and new levels of productivity in presenting and teaching.

Geetesh: Tell us more about your role and Sho-Q.

Henk: As CEO of Sho-Q I am very involved is all aspects of the company which fundamentally falls into 2 separate categories- The development of the products and working with end users on making sure that the product has the right features and that these features can be developed into current and future versions of the products. It is the most fun I have had in years — truly making a difference and enhancing the presentation experience.

Geetesh: What things does Sho-Q do well.

Henk: We are all about enabling the presenter. PowerPoint does a great job at developing presentations. However it does not enable the presenter or presenters to deliver a seamless presentation — especially in a multi-presentation environment. That is where Sho-Q comes in.

The software has a load of features — on both the organization and the delivery side.

Figure 1: Show all Slides

Seamless transitions between presenters and presentations, the ability to set up Intermezzo screens so attendees don’t have to watch the whole setup process, users’ ability to walk up to a presentation device and effortlessly using a USB Flash device run a presentation and when finished walk away with the security of knowing that their presentation is not on the machine they just used are just some of the features.

Figure 2: Presenter View

Figure 3: Selector Screen View

Additionally users can time their presentation, see their notes , navigate their presentation — all though a very intuitive screen that runs on a touch display. This is the first PowerPoint enabled software application specifically written for touch displays.

So we are both a software and hardware company — we develop a complete line of touch screen enabled lecterns — again enabling the presenter. That is what we are all about.

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