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Point, Click & Wow: Special Offer

We just did an interview with Claudyne Wilder, where she spoke about the new edition of her best-selling book Point, Click & Wow.

And now Claudyne has got back to me with a special offer only for Indezine readers. Before that, she wants to share a testimonial for her book:

“This book is worth its weight in gold. Once you buy it, you’ll have, in one place, a fantastic resource that can unlock for you all the secrets of the greatest presenters. It not only covers the 3 Ts (presentation tips, techniques and technologies) it also helps you to understand and connect with your audience so that you can be a much more successful and relaxed presenter than you may have ever thought possible. And, thanks to Claudyne’s enthusiasm for the subject, you’ll find Point, Click and Wow! to be a fun read, as well!”
– Dennis Ricks, President & CEO, CrystalGraphics, Inc

You can order the book now directly from Claudyne, and receive a free Delivery Skills job aid card, plus one of her PowerPoint formats from her CD: Presentations in a Hurry!!

This offer ends on January 31st, 2009.

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