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PowerPoint and Presenting Blog: December 2008

Thoughts and impressions of whatever is happening in the world of PowerPoint

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Happy Holidays from

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
posted by Geetesh on 12:34 PM IST

This is to wish happy holidays to all of our subscribers and readers from the team at -- wish you an amazing new year.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008
posted by Geetesh on 4:11 PM IST

This sample presentation shows you how you can use motion path animations in PowerPoint on ungrouped vector objects to create a very effective introduction or section slide.

Learn more here...

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posted by Geetesh on 2:37 PM IST

Claudyne WilderWe just did an interview with Claudyne Wilder, where she spoke about the new edition of her best-selling book Point, Click & Wow.

And now Claudyne has got back to me with a special offer only for Indezine readers. Before that, she wants to share a testimonial for her book:

"This book is worth its weight in gold. Once you buy it, you'll have, in one place, a fantastic resource that can unlock for you all the secrets of the greatest presenters. It not only covers the 3 Ts (presentation tips, techniques and technologies) it also helps you to understand and connect with your audience so that you can be a much more successful and relaxed presenter than you may have ever thought possible. And, thanks to Claudyne's enthusiasm for the subject, you'll find Point, Click and Wow! to be a fun read, as well!"
- Dennis Ricks, President & CEO, CrystalGraphics, Inc

You can order the book now directly from Claudyne, and receive a free Delivery Skills job aid card, plus one of her PowerPoint formats from her CD: Presentations in a Hurry!!

This offer ends on January 31st, 2009.

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posted by Geetesh on 2:22 PM IST

Every year, Lisa Lindgren coordinates with the media for this professional survey on presentations for InfoComm -- and this year too, she sent me these details. All participants will receive a free survey report. Make sure you participate.

Are you a Presentation Professional?

Compare yourself with your peers in InfoComm International’s annual Presentation Professional survey. This year it’s shorter, easier and faster to complete. Whether you’re one of many in a corporate setting, or a one-person shop wearing all the hats, see how you compare in the skills you have and the challenges you face.

To thank you for sharing your opinions and experiences, you will receive a free survey report by e-mail.

This survey is completely confidential and anonymous. All data will be consolidated with other participants and will not be available to anyone as individual responses.

To participate, click here...

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008
posted by Geetesh on 1:09 PM IST

Denise ThenI meet Denise Then at PowerPoint Live each year, and we talk about "snow" -- the fact that she sees snow all around her in Canada, and that I have never seen snow ever -- yes, it does snow in parts of India where I live -- just that I've never seen it yet.

This year, Denise created a simple and personal holiday card using PowerPoint, and she emailed it to me. The card shows all the snow scenes that she can see all the time -- and I requested her permission to share it with all of you. Thanks Denise!

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by indezine_powerpoint

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
posted by Geetesh on 12:36 PM IST

Before you learn to add animation to any slide object, do remember that there are three ways in which your animation can be set to play. These are called animation events. By default, if you don't change anything PowerPoint sets the event to On Click.

Learn more here...

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008
posted by Geetesh on 1:57 PM IST

Brad CrainAs Vice President and General Manager of ToolBook, Brad Crain is responsible for ToolBook products, including strategy, research and development, and product management. Brad previously held various positions at Click2learn/Asymetrix including Director of Learning Management Systems Engineering and Director of Enterprise Products.

In this interview, Brad discusses the ToolBook product from SumTotal Systems, and its PowerPoint related abilities.

Read the interview here...

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posted by Geetesh on 1:44 PM IST

SlideShare, a leading site that lets you upload and share PowerPoint presentations now supports Apple Keynote files too. All you need to do is zip up your Keynote presentation files and upload.

There's an interesting tutorial on the SlideShare site that's embedded here:

Upload Keynote to SlideShare
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: apple upload)

You should also read this announcement on SlideShare's blog...

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posted by Geetesh on 1:41 PM IST

We took every single motion path animation available in PowerPoint including the preset and custom options -- and created this sample online presentation that you can use as a reference to preview.

Look here...

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Thursday, December 04, 2008
posted by Geetesh on 5:15 PM IST

Liber RodriguezLiber Rodriguez-Florez (pictured to the left) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but is resident in Sweden. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering Physics and works as the Sales Director of Novatrox AB where he is responsible for the technical sales towards international customers. Prior to joining Novatrox AB, Liber worked several years at Relevant Traffic, a highly competitive Search Engine Marketing company, as Technical Director cooperating closely with the Relevant Traffic sales department.

In this discussion, Liber discusses Novatrox's Slide Executive product.

Geetesh: Tell us more about the improvements in Slide Executive Professional 2.3?

Liber: We have improved and streamlined a numerous number of things that will increase usability and make working with Slide Executive even easier. I can’t tell you everything we’ve done because I would go on for too long. But here are some top picks:

Search improvements: A search form is now accessible from the toolbar so you can start a search for slides or files without needing to click any menu or button first. This is very handy not only for slides but also if you want to look for some file you know is far down in the folder structure. Just as before you can limit your search by searching just a part of your slide library from folder down to presentation level. Also the relevancy of the search is improved since Slide Executive takes account of more parameters when sorting the results. We also added some nice shortcut buttons for each slide in the slide search results, allowing you to immediately download a slide’s master presentation or going to that slide’s master presentation directly within Slide Executive.

Auditing and statistics: For managers we have added auditing and statistics to improve the possibility to track how Slide Executive is used in their user base. We have added both general statistics and audit trails on file and folder level. This way you can see exactly who has viewed or downloaded a particular presentation/file in the system in any period of time. The general statistics give you numbers like the total number of indexed slides and indexed presentations resident in the system and much more. Thanks to the easy access of information we now know that having thousands or even tens of thousands of slides in a Slide Executive slide library, is a common thing among our customers.

Progress details: Now when you import or export presentations to the system you are shown continuous information of what Slide Executive is doing, basically you see the progress slide by slide from indexing to creation of thumbnails. You can also choose to cancel a job at any time.

Export options: Slide Executive has always allowed a variety of export options. A new feature is that you can now export to older PowerPoint versions. Together with the already existing export possibilities to PDF, web archive, web page etc. we now offer a complete set of export options reducing the steps for preparing materials for professionals.

Previews: Now you can preview how a virtual presentation will look when new versions of master presentations have been imported. If you have chosen to update your virtual presentations manually (the automatic update works as before, updating immediately) you will be able to see all new versions of updated slides on forehand, before choosing to update. You can also choose to update slide by slide on an individual level, of course you can also preview the new slide version before updating a single slide.

More features: We have also introduced other new features like a garbage can to be able to restore deleted files, ability to add discussion posts per slide (not just per presentation like before) to allow user comments on ongoing work, new actions added to the roles section for customizing what each user can do within the system, a last visited files section with links to the files you looked at recently and many more minor things to improve the user experience in Slide Executive.

Let me also mention our coming release which I am very excited about. If 2.3 has been packed with new, truly good features, our 2.4 release in the first quarter of 2009 will be introducing some new functionality to improve the user experience dramatically.

Geetesh: Can you give us an idea about your support infrastructure?

Liber: Novatrox always gives personal support from highly skilled people. We provide support in form of phone, mail and even by remote desktop connection if needed. Having support staff that have thorough knowledge about development allows us to respond not only with immediate qualified support but also to collect new ideas and requirements to implement for “the next version”.

On our website, we have a Support Center where we have all kinds of information available for our users. Apart from document downloads, an extensive forum and contact information, we also have flash video instructions for paying customers.

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posted by Geetesh on 3:18 PM IST is a huge resource of visual content that I have known for a very long time now. Founded in 1996, the site now comprises over 500,000 animations, video backgrounds, PowerPoint templates, backdrops, web graphics, sound clips, Flash source files, etc. They have a dedicated team of on-house artists who create this content. Their media elements can be use in any kind of presentation.

Read the review here...

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posted by Geetesh on 10:56 AM IST

Ebba Åsly FåhraeusEbba Åsly Fåhraeus (pictured to the left) is VP of Sales Markeing Forms at Anoto, a leader of digital pen & paper technology. Anoto was founded in 1999 and is the pioneering leader of digital pen & paper technology, based in Lund, Sweden. Anoto technology optimizes paper-based processes by rapidly and reliably converting handwritten information from business forms into digital documents.

In this discussion, Ebba discusses the use of Anoto technology for PowerPoint usage.

Geetesh: Tell us about the Anoto product line-up, and which of the Anoto products work best with PowerPoint.

Ebba: Anoto is the pioneering leader of digital pen & paper technology. Anoto technology optimizes paper-based processes by rapidly and reliably converting handwritten information from business forms into digital documents.

By far the most exciting product offered by Anoto is a PowerPoint® add-in called Anoto penPresenter. It utilizes the Anoto digital pen and Bluetooth® technology, enabling real-time collaboration during presentations. Users can make notes or sketch on their printed PowerPoint® slides using an Anoto Digital Pen and instantly see them appear on their computer, projector, monitor or flat screen LCD screen. The slide can then be saved, printed or e-mailed.

Anoto penPresenter

Geetesh: Can you share some scenarios in which PowerPoint users can benefit from the Anoto penPresenter?

Ebba: Anoto penPresenter allows users to have a more engaged audience in a meeting room environment and put focus on the meeting itself.

Scenarios in which users can benefit from include, having to use an electronic whiteboard and not being able to easily transport it from room to room or floor to floor. They aren’t as portable as penPresenter.

Have you ever needed to transcribe notes for data entry after a meeting? Or have you ever brainstormed an idea on a whiteboard only to have it erased before anyone “took notes”?

Anoto penPresenter allows you to make notes and sketches on your PowerPoint® slides with the Anoto Digital Pen and see the results instantly on the meeting room screen. Later on, they can easily be saved, printed and emailed to the meeting room participants.

Most importantly, have you ever tried to do something to make your PowerPoint® slides more engaging? Anoto penPresenter enhances your slides in creative ways and you certainly won’t put people to sleep with them!

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008
posted by Geetesh on 8:04 PM IST

Ppted released a new PowerPoint template set -- this one is called Christmas. Not only do you get five great template designs, you also get the actual backgrounds so that you can use the same designs elsewhere. In this collection, you also get wide screen templates and backgrounds, and ten transparent PNGs you can use in your presentations -- at no extra cost.


Transparent PNGs

None of the templates at are free -- these are all designer templates. I just wanted to say that because lots of readers write in to say that their Indezine passwords don't let them download all the Ppted templates for free!

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posted by Geetesh on 11:08 AM IST

Design Science announced the new 6.5 release of MathType for Windows -- starting from this release, Design Science is positioning MathType as a universal editor for mathematical notation. There are no new PowerPoint specific features, but here's a list of the updates, provided by Bob Mathews of Design Science:

Equations Everywhere and Anywhere: Up until now, MathType has been thought of mostly as a tool that works with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. But it has always been much more than that. You can label graphs with equations, create equation images for websites, blogs, wikis, export equations to TeX or MathML, and much more. See Works With .. to see our MathType Interoperability Registry which lists the many, many applications and websites MathType works with. More info here...

Enter equations in TeX/LaTeX directly in Word: If you know the TeX typesetting language, you can type it directly into your Word document. When you are done, the TeX code will be converted to a MathType equation. [Bob's note: This isn't automatic. You can either click an icon on the toolbar or Ribbon, or use the Alt+\ keystroke.] The TeX Toggle keyboard shortcut allows you to toggle between TeX and MathType views of the equation.

New keyboard shortcuts in Word to open equations for editing: Many of our customers like to use the keyboard. Now you can open an equation next to the insertion point using a keyboard shortcut. Together with our new TeX Toggle feature, you can now enter and edit equations completely from the keyboard without leaving Word.

New translators for Maple, Mathematica, Physics Forum and more: As part of our "Equations Everywhere and Anywhere" effort, we have added new translators for many applications and websites.

MathML Import: Now you can import mathematics defined using MathML from the many applications that produce it. MathML code can be either in the new MathML Clipboard Format that is supported by a growing number of mathematical and scientific applications or plain text such as from an XML editor, for example. The MathML can be imported via cut and paste or drag and drop.

Thank you so much, Bob!

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posted by Geetesh on 10:17 AM IST

Andy PopeAndy Pope (pictured to the right) works in London, UK, developing in-house reporting systems. He uses VBA to automate Excel and PowerPoint. In his spare time, he frequents various Excel forums and maintains his own website on Excel charting. His contributions to the Excel community have resulted in him being awarded as Microsoft Excel MVP since 2004.

In this discussion, Andy discusses the Chart Pattern Fills add-in for Excel 2007.

Geetesh: Tell us more about your Chart Pattern Fills add-in for Excel 2007, and what motivated you to create this add-in.

Andy: I developed the add-in in response to posts by users who need the pattern fills feature that was depreciated in Excel 2007. Apparently pattern fills are heavily used by those in academia. I was aware that actually only the user interface for the feature had been removed so I went about reconstructing the Patterns dialog. I enjoyed the challenge of creating a dialog that would dynamically reflect the users color choices, rather than just using static images.

It’s a totally free add in and available on my site.

Chart Pattern Fills add-in for Excel 2007

Geetesh: PowerPoint 2007 users also no longer have access to the pattern fills so will this add-in work for them too?

Andy: Unfortunately not directly within PowerPoint. The porting of the add-in to PowerPoint is not currently possible. This is due to limitations in PowerPoint’s VBA Object Model and how the add-ins function works compared to those in Excel. As and when/if Microsoft make appropriate changes I will attempt to make a PowerPoint version.

In the mean time for those wanting to use the add-in, you can create their chart in Excel, format it as required using the add-in and then insert the saved file as an Object within PowerPoint.

See Also: Pattern Fills Add-in: Conversation with John Wilson

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008
posted by Geetesh on 1:08 PM IST

Claudyne WilderClaudyne Wilder is an acclaimed speaker, coach, published author and creator of two seminars: Winning Presentations Seminar and Creating PowerPoint Presentations That Get Your Point Across. She trains executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals in the world's leading companies on how to coherently and passionately present their messages and share their stories. She brings a unique and invigorating perspective to her work from her years of studying the Argentine Tango.

She discusses her book: Point, Click & Wow in this Indezine exclusive interview.

Geetesh: What did you add to your new book and why did you add it?

Claudyne: I am frequently asked to coach managers who I’m told just can’t speak to senior staff with enough authority and credibility. I added a chapter called “Demonstrate Executive Presence.” This chapter tells you the differences you need to be aware of when speaking to executives. This information is based on my own coaching of clients who spend their days speaking to executives, as well as quotes from executives sharing what they’d like from presenters. The comments by these executives will motivate my readers to focus on the presentation skill set they need in order to convince upper management.

I also included the five paths to persuasion from the book The 5 Paths to Persuasion: The Art of Selling Your Message by Gary Williams and Robert Miller. I share their information on what is the best way to present to each particular path, plus provide ideas about the slides that each type prefers.

Geetesh: What’s one key to presenting to executives?

Claudyne: The presenter needs to give an executive summary of the whole talk. This is a one slide summary of the most important content in the talk. Executives do not want to wait until the end of the ten to twenty minutes to hear your recommendation. They want all the relevant information right up front at the beginning of the talk. My clients love this structure. They get wonderful feedback from the executives when they use it.

Geetesh: What three big problems have you seen with your clients that you addressed in your book?


  1. Not doing a rehearsal: My clients tell me they feel so much more confident and do such a better job when they really rehearse out loud.

    Presenters, who do not rehearse out loud before a talk do not understand the importance of doing what I call a “real rehearsal.” So in chapter 7 I give them a short and simple process on how to rehearse out loud. I tell them the behaviors to practice. I tell them how to use the rehearse timings in PowerPoint. I provide a rehearsal critique form for the colleagues who listen to the rehearsal talk.

  2. Wasting time trying to put together professional-looking slides: My clients get so excited when they see these images. They start rearranging and cutting their content.

    In chapter 4 I provide a library of images that the readers can use over and over again in their actual slide presentations. This chapter shows images to use instead of putting line after line of text. It also shows how to “chunk” or arrange information into meaningful bites so that it can be shown in a more organized manner.

  3. Not using a streamlined process for putting together a talk: A client sent me a note recently telling me that he was able to put a talk together in half the time by using my processes.

    I call Point, Click & Wow! The Habits and Techniques of Successful Presenters Your Presentation Coach in a Book. I wrote it in the order of how I coach my clients. I want someone to pick up the book, start at chapter 1 and use each chapter as a guide on how to go about putting together a fabulous talk in the shortest amount of time possible.
Geetesh: If you could have a client just do one idea you suggest, what would that be?

Claudyne: I wish my clients would tell more stories and share less data. Stories give something to the audience they can go tell others. When told with enthusiasm, stories are easy to remember. They enable the presenter to speak more dynamically and emotionally and also engage the emotions of those listening. I tell my readers how to create a plot to go with the story. When my clients use the story process, they start to tell relevant and motivating stories to their audiences.

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posted by Geetesh on 12:10 PM IST

We put up three online presentations that show every animation effect for the entrance, emphasis, and exit animations in PowerPoint. Bookmark these pages as a reference!

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