PPTshuffle: Conversation with James Ontra

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James OntraJames Ontra, co-founder of PPTshare, has been developing presentation management solutions for over thirteen years. His company’s software products range from the high-end Ontra Presentation Management solution known for its ability to play rich animations and video, to applications that enhance and help manage PowerPoint. In this conversation, James discusses the new PPTshuffle product.

Geetesh: Tell us about PPTshuffle, and what does it do?

James: Find the slide you need, when you need it. PPTshuffle is a browser-based PowerPoint slide library that lets you preview slides and then drag & drop them into another presentation. It’s a presentation management solution that helps companies with thousands of PowerPoint presentations manage and organize all of that content, so individuals can find the slide they need, quickly and easily. Companies can use it on their Intranet behind a firewall, or use it online as an on-demand service.

Features include:

  • Organize and update a library of PowerPoint slides
  • Preview individual slides
  • Drag & drop slides into new presentations
  • Search based on file name, title, content and/or speaker notes
  • Available hosted on-demand, or server edition installed on your network

Geetesh: Who is the potential user of PPTshuffle, and what benefits will a user achieve from this product?

James: PPTshuffle is made for organizations that have hundreds, even thousands, of PowerPoint files that no one can seem to find.

It works on two levels.

First for individual users, it is a library where a user can preview individual slides and then drag and drop them into a new presentation. They can do a key word search for individual slides based on file name, title, speaker notes and content, preview the slide, and then decide whether or not to drag & drop into a new presentation. Or they can click on a PowerPoint file and quickly preview all of the slides within that file. No more hunting and pecking through their e-mail, networks and hard drive looking for the great pie chart or latest sales figures. It saves hours of time preparing presentations.

Second for managers and administrators, PPTshuffle serves as a repository of approved presentations and manages access through user groups. Therefore, it ensures that everyone in the organization has the most up-to-date, branded and compliant presentations.

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