Design Shapes: The Circle, Being Rounded

Friday, June 19, 2009
posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 9:27 AM IST

In this new Design Shape series of posts, I’ll look at concepts that are not limited to PowerPoint alone, although you can expect me to relate them to PowerPoint and presentations in some way or the other because as you must have guessed it, I am in a circle that revolves around presenting!

Talking about circles, that’s also the shape that I talk about in this post. There are many reasons why you should like circles:

  • They are round and balanced.
  • They are not limited by starting and ending points.
  • They work great in single color and two color designs.
  • They also work well when you have many of them overlapping each other in the same media.
  • They represent continuity.
  • They represent celestial objects we see every day, such as the sun and the moon. Circles also represent our planet Earth.
  • They make great PowerPoint slide backgrounds if you mellow them down a wee bit!

Of course, there’s so much more that I can tell about them — but for now, let’s just leave them here as far their virtues are concerned.

I searched a few visuals depicting objects as circles, and here’s what I found on Shutterstock, a well known stock photo site:

Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock

So will visuals of circular concepts shown above work within PowerPoint slides, or slides created in other applications? Will you have to adapt or edit them? And would you do those edits in PowerPoint or another program? That’s a lot of questions, even if I am prone to thinking aloud! But that’s also a direction for future posts in this series—watch this space!

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