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PowerPoint Features in SumTotal ToolBook 10: Conversation with Brad Crain

As Vice President and General Manager of ToolBook at SumTotal Systems, Brad Crain is responsible for ToolBook products, including strategy, research and development, and product management. Brad previously held various positions at Click2learn/Asymetrix including Director of Learning Management Systems Engineering and Directorof Enterprise Products. In this conversation, Brad discusses how the new ToolBook 10 from SumTotal makes conversion of PowerPoint content into interactive learning even easier and faster than before.

Geetesh: How does ToolBook help PowerPoint users effectively use their existing PowerPoint content?

Brad: With the ability to import Microsoft PowerPoint files into ToolBook, you have even more choices when developing content. For example, you can quickly re-use existing PowerPoint content to cut development time—simply import the PowerPoint file into ToolBook as described in the picture below. Then, add assessments, interactivity, media, and rich effects using ToolBook. For deployment, publish the content to the SCORM format using ToolBook Web publishing feature.

You can also increase the involvement of your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in content authoring. After instructional designers create a PowerPoint-based storyboard, SMEs can populate the storyboard using the familiar PowerPoint interface. Next, these PowerPoint files are imported into ToolBook. For deployment, just publish the content out to SCORM format using ToolBook Web publishing feature.

Geetesh: Tell us more about the new PowerPoint import enhancements in ToolBook 10.

Brad: With the new features of SumTotal ToolBook 10, superior content creation has never been so fast and easy. Now you can create new learning materials with more speed and expertise, and then enhance those materials easily with assessments, interactivity, media, and rich effects.

Import more from your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. With the ability to import Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, the previous ToolBook release helped you get your Subject Matter Experts more involved in content authoring projects, and you gained the ability to quickly reuse legacy content. Now with ToolBook 10, PowerPoint speaker notes and audio files can also be imported, giving you even more options when reusing PowerPoint content.

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