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authorSTREAM iPad Contest: Conversation with Jagdeep Singh Pannu

Jagdeep Singh Pannu handles Internet marketing for authorGEN’s Web properties, tweets friendly advice, likes green tea, and gets excited about meeting netizens in person.

In this conversation, Jagdeep discusses the new authorSTREAM iPad Contest.

Geetesh: Tell us more about the authorSTREAM iPad contest, and how this creates a buzz with the audience?

Jagdeep: The iPad contest is a medium to extend authorSTREAM to PowerPoint users. We are asking our users to tweet what they like about authorSTREAM. By using the #PowerPoint tag, these tweets get listed in the PowerPoint search on Twitter. PowerPoint users who do not know about authorSTREAM will get feature recommendations from our members, which in turn will enable them to explore our features and do more with PowerPoint. To facilitate this, we have listed some of our features and have preset them as tweets so that members can choose the one they like and simply click and tweet. We have also provided a custom tweet option, where members can choose to create their own tweet, provided it has @authorSTREAM and #PowerPoint in the message.

Geetesh: I see that you are asking users to tweet about several cool authorSTREAM features – tell us about the interesting ways in which people are tweeting about these?

Jagdeep: Yes, and we want that people tweet only about features that they know about and like. I would like to bring attention to a very important rule here:

You can choose to tweet one of the features above or you can tweet a message using both – @authorSTREAM and #PowerPoint. We suggest you tweet only about the features that you like on authorSTREAM and you honestly want that your followers should be informed about those features.

And we do see that a lot of people are using their creative skills to tweet. Some of the tweets show how members love using PowerPoint as a presentation tool and authorSTREAM as a platform for sharing and adding functionality to their presentations. Some tweets also show how they have been using PowerPoint and authorSTREAM. Here are some interesting tweets that came in:

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