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ColorSlammer: Conversation with Steve Hards

Steve Hards has always been interested in creating and providing additional resources that can help you create better PowerPoint slides. After creating Opazity, an add-in that lets you obscure a selected object Steve has now released ColorSlammer, a new add-in that lets you fill in intermediate shapes with color values.

In this discussion, Steve discusses ColorSlammer.

Geetesh: What exactly is ColorSlammer, and what does it do?

Steve: ColorSlammer is an add-in for PowerPoint for Windows which takes a range of PowerPoint shapes that the user sets up and calculates intermediate color fills for those shapes. All the user has to do is decide the beginning and end shape colors. It sounds simple, and it is simple to do –- unless you try to do it manually, in which case you realize that it is very hard, but it can create some really nice effects.

There are two versions. ColorslammerLite is free, and ColorSlammerPro will cost $24.95, but there is an introductory offer of $19.95 US dollars. The free Lite version will work ‘for ever’ but is limited to just filling the shapes side-by-side horizontally side-by-side horizontally as can be seen in the video below. That will be enough for many people. The Pro version lets you set up these ranges of intermediate colors for the shapes’ lines and for their text colors. Not only that, you can set the color ranges from big to little shapes, or from top to bottom, so there are nine possible combinations to play around with.

Like all visual things, these are easier to see than to explain, so there are some examples on the website.

Geetesh: Tell us how ColorSlammer came about.

Steve: Some of your readers will know that along with my other add-in, Opazity, and my Encyclopedia of Best Free Resources for PowerPoint, I’m also connected to the company that produces Perspector, the add-in that allows you to work in 3D within PowerPoint. Well, tucked away in Perspector is a function called ‘Set Range of Colors’ that enables you to do this very thing, but only for 3D shapes in Perspector. I always thought that this would be a nice thing to be able to do with PowerPoint shapes, so I got permission from the company to do that, and ColorSlammer is the result.

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