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Interactive Graphs Pack for Raptivity Presenter: Conversation with Seema Chaudhary

Seema Chaudhary helped establish the US headquarters of Harbinger Group in Redmond; created innovative and effective marketing campaigns to launch several products in the international market; and developed crucial long-lasting relationships with prominent and influential experts in the e-Learning industry.

In this conversation, Seema discusses the just released Interactive Graphs Pack for Raptivity Presenter.

Geetesh: What is the Interactive Graphs Pack for Raptivity Presenter and how can it help PowerPoint users?

Seema: We just announced a new library for our Raptivity Presenter product that will allow users show graphs and charts interactively in PowerPoint for the first time. Raptivity Presenter by itself is a seamlessly integrated add-in that works within PowerPoint to add several interactivity models, helping create meaningful and expressive interactions within PowerPoint slides. This new library, named the Interactive Graphs Pack is now part of the PowerPoint add-in for Raptivity Presenter.

Most presenters show important statistical information in the form of graphs and charts. But more often than not, there is more information to communicate than what is just visible on the slide. The Interactive Graphs Pack will enable presenters to communicate the context, and bring out the implications and insights hidden behind these graphs.

Geetesh: What are these interactions that comprise the Interactive Graphs Pack?

Seema: Although the graphs and charts include the traditional types –line, bar, pie, bubble and others – the interactive elements make them entirely different. With the new library of interactive charts and graphs, presenters will be able to add notes right alongside the data points. For example, presenters might be able to explain more clearly why the sales of a product were low in a particular month than in other months.

Another set of interactions in this pack is called Cluster Annotation Graphs. These interactions help the reader focus on the interpretation of graphs at the series or cluster level instead of each data point of the graph.

The Interactive Graphs Pack adds 11 new interactions to Raptivity Presenter, bringing the total to well over 50 interactions. Last fall, the company added a Business Presentation Pack, which included a powerful set of interactions that covered customer testimonials, showing of hierarchies, memos and others.

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