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Charteo: Conversation with Volker Eckert

Volker Eckert has over 19 years of experience in online and conventional marketing areas. He achieved his Masters of Communication and Advertising at the Florida International University of Miami. Thereafter, the experience of building up one of the world’s leading online shops for PowerPoint presentations at PresentationLoad assisted Volker in launching Charteo. As CEO of Charteo and Marketing Director at PresentationLoad, Volker has raised the bar for the strategy and implementation of both online portals.

In this conversation, Volker talks about the Charteo site and how it can help everyday PowerPoint users create better looking slides with convincing info-graphics.

Geetesh: Tell us more about Charteo and what sets Charteo apart from other PowerPoint sites?

Volker: Charteo is the world’s first single-slide store for PowerPoint presentations. Our customers can choose from a range of over 10.000 single PowerPoint slides that have been created to suit many specific presenting scenarios. They can thus create their presentations exactly according to their requirements — no more packages with slides they don’t need.

Also most of our content is color-aware and presentations can be colored directly online on our site in one of eight different colors. You can then download this content as a complete PowerPoint file.

Click on the picture above to see a larger view in a new browser window.

Geetesh: How can the content on your site help users create more compelling presentations.?

Volker: We have a broad selection of all slides our customers need for a presentation, from design slides like backgrounds, images, and graphics to all kinds of planning slides that include diagrams, text slides, and process charts.

Really unique and new on the market are our marketing and business charts with elaborated content for presentations related to business, marketing, project management, controlling, and analysis. With this range of charts, we are able to deliver all templates needed for a presentation in one design. If there is still something missing our customers can contact us any time and our designers will create the slides.

Click on the picture above to see a larger view in a new browser window.

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