Learn PowerPoint 2010: Guidelines on Changing Proofing Language for an Entire Presentation

Thursday, February 9, 2012
posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 3:45 AM IST

While it is easy to change proofing language for selected text containers, that happens to be a piece meal approach and can be a great time waster if you need the language changed across all content in 100 or more slides! There are two ways to set the proofing language for your entire presentation — and you can use one or both of these approaches. Make sure you have the proofing tools installed for all or any of the languages that you need to work within PowerPoint. Then follow these steps.

Learn how to set proofing language for an entire presentation in PowerPoint 2010.

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  • I have English Windows7 on a PC with French Keyboard, using Office 2010.
    When I open a NEW Powerpoint it defautls the language to French, so for each presentation I have to change the language.

    Yes, though your usefule tip of going in Outline mode I now know how to change "all in one go", but still, I would like to change the DEFAULT..; How??

  • Hi Geetesh,

    I HAVE several languages installed, as I need several, and English is the default for Word, Excel, Outlook I think… (or they swap automatically..)
    As in your screenshot under point 6 my default is US English.
    Only Powerpoint seems to be reluctant. I had the same in Office 2003 that we (corporate) had before.

  • Felix, can you post this on our LinkedIn forum?

  • Yes, so I just "made myself member", but how do I post things there..?

  • Go to the LinkedIn group, and click on the text box below the button that says "Start Conversation" to send your question.

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