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Presentation Summit 2012 and 2013: Conversation with Rick Altman

Rick Altman is a presentation consultant based out of Pleasanton, CA. Rick has been hosting end-user conferences since 1989, and is well known as the host of the annual Presentation Summit conference. He has a strong sense of the needs of the presentation community. Rick has authored 15 books on presentations and graphics, including Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck.

In this conversation, Rick discusses the just concluded tenth edition of his Presentation Summit conference — and the next conference to be held in 2013.

Geetesh: You just held another Presentation Summit conference in Scottsdale — what was different this year, and what was the same?

Rick: As with the nine previous years, we attract a group that is so incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about what they do, they create an atmosphere that is just extraordinary. From the moment we launch on Sunday evening, this group is in high gear. People who are normally too shy to approach strangers think nothing of walking up to complete strangers and striking up conversations. They begin the evening sharing only a commonly-designed badge and 90 minutes later are exchanging hugs. The comfort of knowing that they are in a room full of peers is tremendously nurturing.

What was different this year is the breadth that we cultivated. More and more presentation professionals are adding delivery skills to their wish list and increasing numbers of our patrons are looking beyond PowerPoint for their solutions. So we offered a four-hour intensive workshop on speaking in public, conducted psychological studies to determine the best message to create for specific personality profiles, held a workshop on effective writing, looked at humor as a communications vehicle, and offered a keynote address on what presenters can learn from pick-up artists. We also held a dedicated session about Prezi and gave a fair amount of time to SlideShark, a leading solution to showing slides on an iPad. That’s some pretty serious diversity.

Geetesh: The next Presentation Summit has been announced — can you tell us more?

Rick: We will head east in 2013, to Ft. Lauderdale FL, Sep 22-25. We have found an incredible property right on the most vibrant part of the city’s beachfront district. We’ll start taking registrations in November.

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