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Steve Jobs and PowerPoint

OK, this is one of those strange things in life that encounters you in a foreign country. Back in May, I was on vacation in Bangkok and ended up in a book store full of Thai computer books. My curiosity led me to find books on PowerPoint and the most prominently displayed book in this section had Steve Jobs on the cover!

At that time, Steve Jobs had already been dead for 7 months, and that wasn’t even the whole irony! That Steve Jobs will teach you how to use Microsoft PowerPoint is more than ironical, it is downright funny! Most people know that Apple’s own Keynote was created especially for Steve Jobs since he did not like PowerPoint a whole lot!

I could not help buying a copy of the book, although I cannot read a word of Thai — this proves that a book can indeed be sold because of its cover! Also found the page listing this book on the publisher’s site, just in case you want to order a copy of the book.

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