Winning Strategies for Power Presentations: Conversation with Jerry Weissman

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Jerry WeissmanJerry Weissman is among the world’s foremost corporate presentations coaches. His private client list reads like a who’s who of the world’s best companies, including the top brass at Yahoo!, Intel, Intuit, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Netflix and many others.Jerry founded Power Presentations, Ltd. in 1988. One of his earliest efforts was the Cisco Systems IPO road show. Following its successful launch, Don Valentine, of Sequoia Capital, and then chairman of Cisco’s Board of Directors, attributed “at least two to three dollars” of the offering price to Jerry’s coaching. That endorsement led to more than 500 other IPO road show presentations that have raised hundreds of billions of dollars in the stock market.

In this conversation, Jerry discusses his new book, Winning Strategies for Power Presentations.

Geetesh: Your new book, Winning Strategies for Power Presentations explores presenter personalities — and their strategies to be convincing and persuasive – tell us more about your book!

Winning Strategies for Power PresentationsJerry: When My new book is essentially a playbook of case studies based on the fundamental principles in my three original books: Presenting to Win: The Art of Telling Your Story, The Power Presenter: Technique, Style, and Strategy, and In the Line of Fire: How to Handle Tough Questions. Taken together, the three offer a proven methodology to develop all the essential elements in any presentation: how to develop a crisp, clear and compelling narrative supported by simple PowerPoint slides; how to deliver that presentation with poise, assurance, and confidence; and how to control Q&A sessions. The case studies in my new book are from fields of communication beyond presentations such as books, films, politics, advertising, music, and sports The common elements in these fields, demonstrate the universal aspects of presentations.

Geetesh: The presenters profiled in this book including people alive and also others whom we only know through their books or recordings — how did you choose the 75 personalities for this book — what sets them apart?

Jerry: I chose a variety of communicators and writers who have eloquently expressed basic concepts that illustrate the fundamental principles of my presentation methodology. Their breadth: from diverse fields and from ancient times to the present, demonstrate their universality.

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