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Talk Like TED: Conversation with Carmine Gallo

Carmine Gallo is a communication coach for the world’s most admired brands. He has helped transform the storytelling culture at Intel, Coca-Cola, LinkedIn, Chevron, and many others. He is an Emmy award-winning journalist, Forbes.com columnist, and popular keynote speaker on the topic of leadership and communication.

In this conversation, Carmine discusses his new book, Talk Like TED.

Geetesh: Your new book, Talk Like TED talks about how anyone can deliver TED like presentations. What made you notice these characteristics that set some presentations apart from the others?

Carmine: The annual TED conference and the smaller, independent TEDx events have raised the bar on presentation excellence.

TED is now the gold standard by which many presenters are measured. Like it or not, you’re being compared to TED. I studied 500 TED talks (150 hours’ worth), interviewed the most popular TED speakers, and also dived into the neuroscience of persuasion. I discovered 9 qualities that all successful TED talks share. What I’m most excited about is the fact that anyone can incorporate these techniques into their very next pitch or presentation, even if they never set foot on a TED stage.

Geetesh: You have reiterated that you don’t need to be a TED speaker to benefit from the ideas within this book. So why use TED as an example – tell us more.

Carmine: Think about what an amazing resource we have at our fingertips! Thanks to broadband Internet connections and TED.com, we can now view thousands of the world’s greatest presentations on computers and mobile devices. There is no better learning tool to help transform your presentation skills. You can turn to TED.com to see speakers tell powerful stories and to watch beautifully designed presentations that take PowerPoint to a new level.

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