Power-user for PowerPoint: Conversation with Keith Bortoluzzi

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Keith BortoluzziKeith Bortoluzzi partnered with Olivier de Saint Louvent to create Power-user, an add-in for PowerPoint. They are both strategy consultants, who work on a daily basis using PowerPoint. They understand how important it is to make an impact on clients and managers, but also how time-consuming it can be. This is why they developed features to help users create visually attractive presentations while saving time on formatting tasks.

In this conversation, Keith discusses Power-user, an add-in for PowerPoint.

Geetesh: What motivated you to create Power-user for PowerPoint, and what are the features where Power-user shines?

Keith: Our idea started from the observation that millions of people work on PowerPoint every day and that it often takes an hour to create a professional slide. Most of the time, those users are skilled workers, whose time is both valuable for themselves and expensive for their companies. We wanted to design our software so that these professionals can save time to focus on what matters in PowerPoint: delivering messages efficiently. For our clients, Power-user is an opportunity to expand their business as much as to reduce their costs.

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Geetesh: Can you share some of your favorite Power-user features?

Keith: We have created our features around 2 of the most important rules for PowerPoint:

  1. Don’t say it. Show it! With PowerPoint, how you say it is just as important as what you say. Power-user has multiple tools to help convey powerful messages: a vector icons library to illustrate key concepts, editable maps to show geographical information, Gantt charts for project planning, Waterfall charts to decompose a data set in an elegant way, value chains to explain a process, or other diagrams representing visually how ideas and concepts are connected. Also, users can avoid starting with a blank page by picking a slide in the Power-user templates library. With these tools, it only takes a few minutes to create a slide that will make a decisive impact.
  2. Time is too valuable to be spent on formatting. Power-user makes formatting easier and faster. Harmonizing fonts or colors in a 100 slides presentation takes one click. Applying a unique format to all titles can be done in 2 seconds. Objects can be automatically distributed symmetrically on a slide. For presentations with charts, our users can use our Chart+ tool to simultaneously edit multiple charts. Power-user includes 100 features, accessible with only one click. All these tools save valuable time so that professionals can meet their deadlines and focus on what really matters.

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