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In this conversation, we explore OfficeOne Daily Tools, a PowerPoint add-in that provides easy access to a bunch of useful PowerPoint tools.

Geetesh: Chirag, can you tell us about your Daily Tools add-in for PowerPoint. What motivated you to create this add-in that provides so many tools?

Chirag: OfficeOne Daily Tools, as the name suggests, is an add-in that aims to help you every day when you develop your story in a PowerPoint presentation. The idea for this kind of a product started with knowing how people use PowerPoint daily and where they spend most of their time. Daily Tools is designed to help save time in performing these frequent tasks.

We have another product called ProTools for PowerPoint that help with precise placement and dimensions of shapes to help create professional looking presentations. We looked at how people use that product and created new tools to quickly perform some of those tasks. The new tools allow you to operate on multiple shapes simultaneously, which is quite an addition to PowerPoint itself.

We also looked how people use QAT and what gets placed there for quick access to certain features in PowerPoint without having to switch between different tabs in the ribbon. All this data helped in creating Daily Tools that allows you to access professional tools from a single tab.

OfficeOne Daily Tools

Geetesh: Daily Tools brings together many PowerPoint commands that are scattered or hidden; does it also add some extra options?

Chirag: OfficeOne Daily Tools integrates its tools so well within PowerPoint that these seamlessly operate with other functions in PowerPoint. This makes it hard to distinguish the new tools from built-in ones. This is one of the main advantages of the product and also speaks about the extensibility offered by PowerPoint. You don’t want to think that you are using something that is not provided natively in PowerPoint but is coming from an add-in.

In the present version, there are 30 new tools introduced by Daily Tools in various categories including Alignment, Organize, Size, Presentation, and Sharing.

ChiragChirag runs Office One, a site that explores PowerPoint add-ins, VBA and more.

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