The Presentation Lab: Conversation with Simon Morton

Power Cues: Conversation with Nick Morgan

Callout Sample 05: Curved Callouts

PowerPoint Microphones: The Favorites

Speaker, Leader, Champion: Conversation with Jeremey Donovan

Never the Paint Brush – Always the Artist: by Jim Endicott

Callout Sample 04: Hand Drawn Appearance

Know Your Inner Dialogue: by Claudyne Wilder

New PowerPoint 2013 Features for Courtroom Presentations

Callout Sample 03: Curved, Connected Callouts

Callout Sample 02: Colored Callouts

Callout Sample 01: Arrow Pointing to a Map

Remembering Slides: Conversation with Carmen Simon

When is Smiling Appropriate to the Audience?: by Claudyne Wilder

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Speak Concisely: by Claudyne Wilder

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Use a Mini Mini-Story to Tell Your Audience About Yourself: by Claudyne Wilder

Picture Copyrights: An Iceberg Study

Answer The Question Asked: by Claudyne Wilder

Counterintuitive Research Findings: by Carmen Simon

30 Million PowerPoint Presentations?

But I’m not an artist!: by Jerry Weissman

Making the Complex Simple: by Jim Endicott

Slides and Speakers: by Tom Mucciolo

Presentations Perspective: by Tom Mucciolo

Paul Ryan – Criticize and Propose: by Jerry Weissman

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Problems with 3D Charts: by James M. Smith

What Do You Add To The Talk?: by Claudyne Wilder

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Higgs Boson, Comic Sans, and Bad PowerPoint!

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100 Things Every Presenter Needs to Know About People: Conversation with Susan Weinschenk

The Outline Trap – Britannica and Brainstorming: by Jerry Weissman

Smile and Relax: by Claudyne Wilder

Master a Five Minute Talk: My Road to Ignite Chicago by Bess Gallanis

Thin Smiles, Thinner Audiences!

Reduce Stress and Save Time: by Claudyne Wilder

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Go in the Right Direction — A Presentation Lesson from Akira Kurosawa: Guest Post by Jerry Weissman

On Speaking Like A Pro: Guest Post by Sandra Schrift

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