PowerPoint strives for an ‘A’ in US class

Created: Friday, February 4, 2005, posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 3:51 am

Students in Dan Carroll’s physics class at Yorktown High School in Virginia turned in their science projects last week. Some of them prepared their work the way generations of students have done, with labels and charts pasted onto display boards of a prescribed size. But others were able to bypass last-minute trips to the store for cardboard, glue sticks and markers, because MrCarroll encourages the use of PowerPoint software. “It’s hard to glue things on those boards, and some kids don’t do it well,” MrCarroll said. Technology is rapidly changing the world of science, but it is only now starting to change the world of the science project, a ritual of the academic year. Now that computers are second nature to many students, some teachers are abandoning the traditional cardboard displays in favour of electronic files. Some are even creating PowerPoint templates to make it easier for students to produce a smart-looking showcase. More on the Australian Financial Review site…

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