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SlideShare: Uploading Presentations

In the last SlideShare post, I showed you how you can join SlideShare and get an invite. In this post, I’ll show you how you can upload a presentation to the SlideShare site. In the next SlideShare post, I will show you how you can share the uploaded presentation slides with others.

Follow these steps to upload your presentation slides:

  1. Once you have logged in to SlideShare, click the Start sharing your slides now button, as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Start uploading your slides

  2. This brings up the upload page that you can see in Figure 2. Click the Choose button, and locate a presentation file located in your system. As of now, SlideShare accepts PowerPoint (PPT and PPS), and OpenOffice (ODP) files only — Apple Keynote users can save their presentations to PowerPoint files and then upload.

    Figure 2: Provide upload details

    Enter a title, description and tags for the presentation you are uploading — then, click on the Upload button.

  3. The uploading can take a while, depending upon the size of your presentation and the speed of your Internet connection. Behind the scenes, SlideShare also converts your entire presentation to a Flash SWF file that’s more compact than your original presentation slides.

    Once this is done, the uploaded presentation can be viewed as an online Flash-based slideshow. Click the Title link, as shown in Figure 3 to see the slideshow of the uploaded presentation.

    Figure 3: The uploaded presentation

In the next post on SlideShare, I will show you how you can share your uploaded slides.

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