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FlashSpring: Conversation with Yury Uskov

Yury Uskov is Technical Director at CPS Labs, a software development company based out of Yoshkar-Ola, Russia. Yury has a Masters degree in Software Engineering and since 2001, he has been working in rich media industry as the co-founder of CPS Labs Ltd. CPS Labs has launched several Flash technology projects including FlashSpring, a PowerPoint to Flash converter that ships as an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint.

Geetesh: Tell us more about the new FlashSpring 2, and how it is different from other similar products.

Yury: If you like to know more about the originality of FlashSpring 2.0, I can point out several major strong advantages of our product:

  1. Single Flash File: We create one solid Flash file from one PowerPoint PPT presentation. We embed in this file all internal and external presentation content, including Flash movies and videos, additional audio tracks, etc. The presenter can enrich his Flash presentation with an attractive player and we also can embed this player in the final Flash movie. This contained Flash movie can be easily deployed on the web, or sent through email — and will be displayed directly in your message content.

    Most of the other PowerPoint to Flash convertors actually cannot do this and produce some mixture of HTML and Flash files which represents the original PPT after conversion. It is possible to put this presentation on the web, but if you like to send such presentation via email, it can be delivered only as an archive.

  2. Quality of Flash content: FlashSpring carefully retains the geometry and placing of PowerPoint shapes, keeping them in vector format after conversion to Flash. We have tested a lot of competitors and most of them convert shapes to raster and only the text objects are vector. Also most of them has problems with complex text objects, bullets, etc.
  3. Speed: I can definitely say that according to the number of supported PowerPoint features, FlashSpring 2 is the fastest PowerPoint to Flash converter. It also produces the most compact Flash output (because we keep most of original PowerPoint content in vector).

Geetesh: How does FlashSpring aid in the distribution of PowerPoint content?

Yury: Being converted to Flash, your PowerPoint presentation becomes more portable and distribution friendly, because almost anybody can play Flash content on most of platforms in most of browsers.

Additionally FlashSpring is enhanced with deployment options, and can help you to put your Flash presentation on your web site or send via email as easily as possible.

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