Perspector 4: Conversation with George McCaskill

Created: Wednesday, November 21, 2007, posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 7:28 am

George McCaskill (pictured to the right) was a founding investor in Perspector and currently enjoys the role of Chief Technology Officer. George is responsible for product strategy and development. He earned his startup stripes by joining QSS in 1993 where he was one of two developers building the market leading requirements management tool DOORS.

Geetesh: Tell us more about the new features in Perspector 4.0.

George: The major new feature in Perspector 4.0 are 3D lists. You can convert from the bullet lists in your existing PowerPoint presentation into 3D list images, or you can start from scratch with our library of list images and fully featured 3D list editor. This presents PowerPoint users with a first easy step in the journey of breaking free from bullet point paralysis towards acquiring a much more visual style.

Perspector 4.0 now uses the presentation color scheme to give your images colors that match the rest of your presentation. This is a real time-saver compared with earlier versions of Perspector.

Professional Edition users can now add their own Perspector images to the Library so that they can save their 3D work for reuse in future presentations.

More information on Perspector 4.0 is available here…

Geetesh: Can you share some case studies on the use of Perspector.

George: Many Perspector customers are consultants and other communicators working with commercially sensitive information, so their presentations often cannot be shared with a wider audience, much as we would love to work with them on case studies. The other thing we have noticed from conversations with customers is that they like to keep Perspector as their ‘secret weapon’ that gives their presentations a distinctive edge when compared with their competitors’ (or even other colleagues’!).

Our website has some example presentations which have come from the Perspector community. Community resources and case studies are areas we are actively seeking to improve, so if any Perspector users are reading this – please consider sharing your work with us if that is possible!

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