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Articulate Engage ’09: Conversation with Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz (pictured to the left) is the executive vice president for sales and marketing at Articulate. In this role, he has worldwide sales responsibility for Articulate leading the direct sales and channel management teams as well as all product marketing activities. Prior to joining Articulate, Mark spent 20 years in sales and sales management roles with IBM and Dell.

In this discussion, Mark discusses the new Articulate Engage ’09 product.

Geetesh: Tell us more about the improvements in Engage ’09 – and what is your favorite new feature?

Mark: Engage ’09 has introduced some wonderful improvements over the previous version, which was driven by customer feature request submissions and the ingenuity of our amazing engineering teams.

I’m really excited about the new Community Interactions option. Often we receive requests to create more Engage interaction options. When we would ask 10 people which interactions they would like to see, we’d get 10 different suggestions. So we introduced a free Software Developers Kit (SDK) to empower Flash programmers to create their own Engage interactions. We expect to see many new interactions created by and shared within our community. Now there will be a virtually unlimited number of Engage interaction types.

I also think several other new features will be very well received including: interaction branching, increased color pallet and template customization, and the ability to publish directly to a Learning Management System (LMS) from Engage.

Geetesh: Beyond Engage’s synergies with Articulate Presenter and Articulate Online, I found it to be a great product to create quick electronic brochures, especially for users who are Flash-challenged. Can you share your thoughts on this concept?

Mark: Yes, we see many customers using Engage as a Flash authoring tool. While it was really initially designed to be primarily used as a way to enhance Articulate Presenter courses, we realized that many customers were actually creating entire courses using Engage. That is why we introduced the ability to publish Engage interactions directly to Articulate Online and to LMS’s to enable tracking of these Engage only courses.

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