Articulate Quizmaker ’09: Conversation with Mark Schwartz

Articulate Quizmaker ’09: Conversation with Mark Schwartz

Created: Wednesday, October 15, 2008 posted by at 9:30 am

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Mark Schwartz 2008

Mark Schwartz 2008
Mark Schwartz is the executive vice president for sales and marketing at Articulate. In this role, he has worldwide sales responsibility for Articulate leading the direct sales and channel management teams as well as all product marketing activities. Prior to joining Articulate, Mark spent 20 years in sales and sales management roles with IBM and Dell.

In this discussion, Mark discusses the new Articulate Quizmaker ’09 product.

Geetesh: How easy is it to create a quiz or survey in Quizmaker ’09 — does it involve any coding at all? And what’s your favorite new feature in Quizmaker ’09.

Mark: That’s the power of Quizmaker ’09. It allows for very simple quiz and survey authoring and requires no coding at all. If you do like to code in Flash, Quizmaker ’09 easily supports inserting those Flash objects within the quiz. Quizmaker ’09 provides for 2 authoring options – a form view and a slide view. The form view is set up a as template that allows for simple fill-in-the-blank question creation. With it, you get an effective, albeit generically designed quiz. The slide view empowers the author to design a beautiful, engaging quiz. And it’s simple to use. The slide view interface is similar to the PowerPoint 2007 animation, design, and pictures interface plus we add an audio and timeline editor for precise controls over audio and timings. It really allows for some amazing design options.

My favorite new feature is the slide view authoring capability. It provides a total free form design but remains extremely simple to use. I can’t wait to see some of the quizzes and surveys that our customers create. I also love the new conditional branching option used in conjunction with our new blank slide feature. The branching option allows Quizmaker ’09 to direct the student to a specific slide or question based on a right or wrong answer. The new blank slide feature allows the author to create non-question slides, which provide for directed remediation when used with branching.

Geetesh: How does Quizmaker ’09 integrate with Articulate Presenter and Articulate Online — and are there any unconventional case studies on Quizmaker that you can share?

Mark: Customers who have Quizmaker ’09 and Presenter ’09 can integrate their quizzes within Presenter ’09 courses. When integrated within a Presenter ’09 course, you can set the number of quiz attempts and you can direct the student to a specific slide within the Presenter course based on a pass/fail result. All of these settings are easily controlled via a simple drop-down selection.

Articulate Online is an Articulate hosted offering that allows customers to easily track and manage Articulate authored content. Quizmaker ’09 authors can publish the quiz or survey directly to their Articulate Online portal via one-click within Quizmaker ’09. Once published, Articulate Online administrators can see full answer level detail for all students and quizzes.

I’m not aware of any unconventional case studies related to Quizmaker. It’s really designed to allow for quick quiz and survey authoring, and that’s how our customers are using it. With the blank slide feature and powerful design capabilities now provided with Quizmaker ’09, perhaps we’ll learn of some new unconventional uses for Quizmaker.

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