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YawnBuster: Conversation with Vikas Joshi

Vikas Joshi (pictured to the left) is regarded as a thought leader for pioneering e-learning and knowledge management. He is also known for his groundbreaking work in the online learning industry, product innovations, and offshore outsourcing models. Under his guidance and leadership, the Harbinger group has built innovative software products for the global marketplace.

In this discussion, Vikas discusses the new YawnBuster product.

Geetesh: Tell us how YawnBuster evolved — and what is its raison d’etre?

Vikas: As presenters, we all know how difficult it is to keep boredom away in meetings and enliven them. We try various tricks to make the presentations more interactive. With this need in mind, we thought of YawnBuster. YawnBuster is useful for every person in the world who needs to make a presentation since it brings together PowerPoint and Flash, two most popular tools used in presentations and web development. With YawnBuster, a PowerPoint user can quickly and easily introduce Flash based group activities in the presentation, with no need for programming.

YawnBuster is the ideal tool for enhancing PowerPoint with group activities for the busy presenter. Its quick-to-learn and easy-to-use interface allows you to create lively interactive presentations without having to learn Flash ActionScript or the Flash timeline. It’s a great way to add Flash to the PowerPoint presentations.

Geetesh: Can you share some usability scenarios for YawnBuster.

Vikas: Well, YawnBuster can be used in corporate training, education, sales presentations, business meetings, and many more such applications. YawnBuster allows the presenters to include various Group Activities such as audience polls, games, group exercises and competitions in your presentations. With these, the presenters can get their audience to think, enjoy, participate and identify key takeaways quickly and easily.

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