authorSTREAM Desktop: Conversation with Umesh Sharma

authorSTREAM Desktop: Conversation with Umesh Sharma

Created: Friday, July 17, 2009 posted by at 11:25 am

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Umesh Sharma

Umesh Sharma
Umesh Sharma is the Product Head at authorSTREAM, an online slide sharing site integrated with social media. Based in Chandigarh, India, Umesh’s profiles includes developing product roadmaps and managing media interactions. In this conversation, Umesh discusses the new authorSTREAM Desktop product.

Geetesh: Tell us more about the new authorSTREAM Desktop product. What is its raison d’être?

Umesh: To help create more compelling content with PowerPoint, easily and fast. It so happens many times while creating a PowerPoint presentation that we need visual content like images and videos. You have the words but it’s really difficult to get graphics to convey the power of the message, or similarly, say you have seen a YouTube video added to your favorites that you thought you would use in some presentation some day. authorSTREAM Desktop does exactly that for you: it helps you search and insert content like images and YouTube videos without making you leave PowerPoint. We will be adding more features in this direction in subsequent versions.

Ease of upload to authorSTREAM is another reason to use authorSTREAM Desktop. With authorSTREAM Desktop installed, you can upload large PowerPoint files along with all linked media files easily, which otherwise is not easily possible via a web upload. Under the hood, we are using an FTP upload, which is much faster than web (HTTP) uploads.

Geetesh: How does authorSTREAM Desktop handle the copyright issues involved in a product of its nature? Do you warn users that some of the search results may not be usable? Tell us more.

Umesh: At the moment, we have an alert at the top search task-pane. In addition, clicking on the title of an image or video in search results will take you to its source page, which in most cases should contain licensing details. Mostly, image copyrights don’t really affect a user for ‘fair use’ – personal, non-profit, or educational and amongst a small group of viewers. However, we do understand that showing users all that there is to the licensing of the image would be more usable. We have plans to include results, which carry these details (Creative Commons or any other) in the next versions of the software.

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