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Raptivity Presenter Giveaway: 5 Free Copies for Grabs!

It’s always good to associate a face and a voice with an e-mail address! So it was great meeting Nachiket Khare of Harbinger Systems in Atlanta last week during the fabulous PowerPoint Live conference. Nachiket is involved with Harbinger’s PowerPoint add-in products such as YawnBuster and Raptivity Presenter, and I have been in touch with him for a while now. I’ll probably want to do a small conversation with Nachiket in a future blog post, but there’s some great news that I can share with you right away!

Harbinger has tied up with Indezine to give away five completely free copies of their Raptivity Presenter product. Yes, there’s nothing here to read between the lines, all you need to do is fill up this form and tell us what you think about Indezine, Raptivity Presenter, or even PowerPoint! And before you know, you might have won yourself a full copy of Raptivity Presenter. Do this quick, we have these five copies that we want to give away soon, and someone else might snap them up if you are not real quick!

I would also like to thank Amitabh Ramani of Harbinger for facilitating this giveaway.

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