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iSpring Online: Conversation with Yury Uskov

Yury Uskov is a founder and CEO of iSpring Solutions Inc., an innovative software company with the development center in Russia. Yury has a Masters degree in Software Engineering and since 2001 have been working in rich media industry inspired with the idea of making the best solution for online presentation sharing. iSpring Solutions has already launched several Flash technology projects including iSpring, a PowerPoint to Flash converter, and SlideBoom, an online service for presentations sharing. In this conversation, Yury discusses the new iSpring Online service.

Geetesh: Tell me more about iSpring Online — what exactly is this service, and what need does it fulfill?

Yury: iSpring Online is a new flexible Learning Management System (LMS) that works as an online platform to deliver and manage e-learning content, get detailed reports on e-learning activity, manage users and organize classes. With iSpring Online you can manage your audience: create new users and groups, assign rights and control access to your content.

iSpring Online allows inviting people to access the files you upload by registering at your private virtual portal. Alternatively, you can make your presentations public and send out the links to the files you want to share. That’s a great way to market learning content you create. This way no registration will be required to view your content. iSpring Online gives you unrestricted traffic flow, so any file can have unlimited number of views.

Additionally, iSpring Online gives detailed data on how exactly your presentation is being viewed and how your users answer quiz questions. Both individual and overall group tracking is available.

I’m glad to share a brief demo presentation on iSpring Online features and appearance overview. Learn more about iSpring Online and sign up for free 30-day trial account at iSpring website.

Geetesh: Can you share some scenarios in which a user can benefit from iSpring Online?

Yury: Here are three different user scenarios for people of certain occupations.

  1. If you are a school, college or university teacher and you would like to track how your students go through the online materials you offer them and grade them accordingly, iSpring Online can be of great help. It is an easy-to-use tool for tracking your students’ progress without having to need any additional software.
  2. If you are an instructional designer in a corporation and would like to arrange advanced professional training for employees and check their qualifications for positions they take.
  3. If you work as an independent instructional designer and you would like to sell you courses online through a website. In this case you need a system that would not just host your materials securely, it should also provide detailed statistics and can guarantee protection from illegal distribution and gets easily integrated into your website.

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