myBrainshark Pro: Conversation with Andy Zimmerman

myBrainshark Pro: Conversation with Andy Zimmerman

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Andy ZimmermanAndy Zimmerman, VP of Business Development at Brainshark, Inc., is responsible for developing and managing strategic partnerships and programs. Andy oversees -– a site where users can create, share and track the impact of multimedia presentations for free. Recently, he helped launch the new myBrainshark Pro solution – providing small-office/home-office (SOHO) and individual business users with enhanced functionality for more targeted outreach and measurable results.

In this conversation, Andy talks about myBrainshark Pro.

Geetesh: What extra levels does the new myBrainshark Pro add to the capabilities for existing myBrainshark users?

Andy: myBrainshark Pro brings advanced features to users of the free myBrainshark service– where you can still create, share and track on-demand multimedia presentations at absolutely no cost. myBrainshark allows anyone to simply upload content – such as a PowerPoint presentation – and add voice narration, MP3 audio, video clips, survey questions, attachments and more. Then, you can share the resulting presentation as a link in an email or through social media.

Now, with myBrainshark Pro, you can deliver your communications in an even more targeted and measurable way. We designed the new capabilities with small-office/home-office professionals and individual business users in mind. These groups are increasingly seeing the benefit of multimedia, social media and high-quality content creation tools – and looking to use them at a price point that makes sense for their business. With that in mind, we designed the upgrade path such that users could add the following advanced “Pro” features to any myBrainshark presentation starting at just $9.99/month:

  • Share your presentation privately. Currently all content on myBrainshark is publicly available. By marking a presentation as private, you can ensure that your message reaches only your intended audience.
  • Apply password protection to presentations. This option offers additional security.
  • Add a “guestbook.” You can collect an unlimited number of leads or ensure training compliance with a “guestbook” – a registration form placed at the beginning or end of your presentation, capturing viewers’ contact information and other relevant details.
  • Create and send personalized URLs (PURLs). This is an option for monitoring individual viewing activity on presentations without a guestbook.
  • Access viewing details. myBrainshark currently gives users anonymous and aggregate viewing data about their presentations. With a Pro subscription, you can see who viewed your presentation, when, how much they watched, how survey questions were answered and more.

The myBrainshark Pro features give myBrainshark users the opportunity to drive greater results and communicate in more ways –- enabling them to create, deliver and track targeted presentations as part of a lead generation campaign; be better informed for sales follow-up; share proprietary information and monitor viewing activity; send a “talking résumé” to a potential employer and know if it’s being seen and by whom; and much more.

Geetesh: I read that myBrainshark Pro features are presentation-specific – rather than being applied to all content in a user’s account. What are advantages for end users with this approach?

Andy: You’re right – we’ve set it up so myBrainshark users can apply Pro features to any presentation they’ve created for a monthly fee of $9.99 per presentation – with discounts applied when users apply Pro features to five or more presentations. You can disable a presentation’s Pro status at any time too – letting you apply the Pro features to another one of your presentations at no additional charge. And, as I mentioned, you can still create as many myBrainshark presentations as you’d like without Pro features for free.

There are various benefits of applying Pro features on a presentation-by-presentation basis. For example, you may have some presentations you’d like to keep public and visible to a wide audience. This content would remain on, where it’s searchable on the site and indexed by leading search engines. So, by making Pro features presentation-specific, you have the flexibility of deciding which content is best served through Pro functionality and which is better suited to the free myBrainshark features. Both the free and Pro levels provide compelling functionality to help users promote their companies and their expertise, and improve communications outreach and results.

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