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myBrainshark Pro Trainer: Conversation with Andy Zimmerman

Andy Zimmerman is the vice president and general manager for myBrainshark – Brainshark’s free site for creating, sharing and tracking multimedia presentations. Andy oversees strategy, marketing, partnerships and sales for myBrainshark and has been a driving force behind the launch of myBrainshark Pro Trainer, an eLearning offering that the company is announcing today.

In this conversation, Andy talks about myBrainshark Pro Trainer.

Geetesh: What exactly does myBrainshark Pro Trainer do, and how can it help existing myBrainshark users?

Andy: myBrainshark Pro Trainer is the latest in our ‘Pro’ series of offerings on myBrainshark.com. This new offering is geared toward individual trainers, consultants and instructional designers – as well as any businessperson that needs to train a particular audience – and provides powerful and affordable eLearning functionality. Free users of our myBrainshark site can upgrade to a monthly myBrainshark Pro Trainer subscription.

As you know, our myBrainshark user base currently has the ability to upload pre-existing content, such as PowerPoint presentations, and add voice narration, videos, attachments and more to create trackable, online, multimedia presentations – all for free. A myBrainshark Pro Trainer subscription includes all this – plus the features in myBrainshark Pro – as well as advanced features, designed specifically for eLearning.

These features include the ability to incorporate test questions – including multiple choice and true/false – and provide instant feedback to students based on the accuracy of their responses. Other benefits include the ability to easily create SCORM-compliant courses that integrate with your LMS, and to issue certificates of completion for students – giving them a formal record of the courses they’ve taken. Another feature we think myBrainshark Pro Trainer users will appreciate is the ability to copy and merge content – letting them “clone” presentations or courses, as well as mix and merge specific slides, audio and/or attachments from one course to the next… so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Check out this product walkthrough for a more in-depth explanation of these features.

Since its inception last year, myBrainshark has always had a large audience of training professionals – many of whom are in our registered Learning Provider community, which enables them to price and sell content on myBrainshark.com. We expect this audience of training providers, as well as individuals within companies that need to quickly produce eLearning content, to benefit greatly from these new features.

Geetesh: What sort of pricing are you looking at for the myBrainshark Pro Trainer?

Andy: myBrainshark Pro Trainer is priced as a monthly subscription, and subscribers can apply any or all of the Pro or Pro Trainer features to any presentation they’ve created for a monthly fee starting at $19.99 per presentation.

You can check out the pricing chart here – you’ll see there’s a 10% discount applied when you create and store five or more presentations with Pro Trainer features, and a 20% discount for 10 or more. Also, you can “turn off” a presentation’s Pro Trainer status at any time, and apply the features to another presentation at no additional charge. And, of course, myBrainshark users can still create, deliver and store an unlimited number of presentations without Pro or Pro Trainer features for free.

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