Zinali Slideboxx 2.1 Improvements: Conversation with Charles Wolfus

Zinali Slideboxx 2.1 Improvements: Conversation with Charles Wolfus

Created: Thursday, August 5, 2010 posted by at 8:11 am

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Charles Wolfus

Charles WolfusFor almost a decade, Charles Wolfus has worked closely with scientists and executives finding ways to increase efficiency and optimize IT systems. For the past few years, he has been co-founder and CEO of Zinali, LLC, a San Francisco-based company dedicated to improving PowerPoint slide search. In this conversation, Charles talks about new improvements in their slideboxx 2.1 version.

Geetesh: Can you tell us more about the improvements in the new 2.1 version of slideboxx?

Charles: slideboxx 2.1 is still the same great slide management tool PowerPoint users have come to depend on. It automatically builds your PowerPoint library allowing you to quickly find and reuse your slides for authoring new presentations.

But slideboxx 2.1 has a number of key improvements including:

Speed – First it’s much faster… up to 3 times faster building your slide library, and much faster displaying slides in search results.

Background Indexing – Now you can choose to shut off background indexing. Background indexing allows your library to always be up to date. But some people don’t like having programs running in the background when they are not actively in use. Now you can take advantage of background indexing or not, it’s your choice.

Install Anywhere – If you have many slides, your slideboxx library can grow very large. Now you can choose where to install your slide library: in the default location, another hard drive, or even a USB attached drive. For those that store their slides on an USB drive and connect it to different computers, the added benefit is that you can take now slideboxx with you!

And much more!

Geetesh: I read that many improvements were a result of customer feedback. Can you tell us more, and also how do customers get in touch with you?

Charles: Yes, I would estimate that 70% of the enhancements and fixes were a result of customer feedback.

As a slideboxx user, you already know we take customer support very seriously. We believe building a relationship is what’s best for our customers and for us. As a result, many of our customers regularly communicate with us about what they like, what they don’t, and what they want to see in new versions.

It often starts with a help request, using the built in help tool in slideboxx, or an email request. Because we believe in the relationship and look to our customers for opportunities, we don’t use a remote support team. Email requests go straight to the developer where they get more thoughtful attention and response. Those requests are always opportunities for us: Opportunities to shine, and sometimes opportunities to identify new features or even products that are needed.

We then run private beta tests with customers who made suggestions. This works great, giving them direct access to the development process means they get to know us, and we get to know them. They also get a tool specifically made for them and we are assured we are developing what they want and need.

This happens in big software companies too, but generally they work closely with a few big customers that drive development. But with slideboxx anyone can play a part and have an impact. You can help make slideboxx the tool you need.

slideboxx 2.1 is available online for only $119. Learn more about slideboxx 2.1 and Zinali, LLC by visiting the slideboxx PowerPoint library website or Facebook page.

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