World's Best Presentation Contest 2010: Conversation with Cory Jim

World’s Best Presentation Contest 2010: Conversation with Cory Jim

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Cory Jim

Cory JimCory Jim started designing presentations in the US military for top secret combat operations in Iraq in 2003. He had to learn really quick and be extremely accurate, precise, and clear as to what information was included in each presentation. Not so much design, but more efficiency. Shortly after, he went on to pursue graphic design in 4 different colleges in Hawaii. Learning from various books and studying the other professionals in the industry, he quickly picked up his own style and technique. Cory founded Empowered Presentations with his business partner, Yancey Unequivocally, in 2010 based out of Honolulu, Hawaii.

In this conversation, Cory talks about Smoke, his winning entry in SlideShare’s World’s Best Presentation Contest 2010.

Geetesh: Tell us more about your company, Empowered Presentations, and what motivated you to create the Smoke presentation forSlideShare’s World’s Best Presentation Contest 2010?

Cory: Our company is based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. We are a design and consulting firm focusing on empowering entrepreneurs, speakers, schools, teachers, and small to medium businesses by equipping them with the proper presentation tools and techniques. Also through our company workshops and webinars, we focus on educating people on basic, intermediate, and advanced principals of presenting. We also teach presentation design by keeping it fun, engaging, and unique. We have a genuine passion in what we do and truly believe in what we do. Equipping others to better enhance their confidence in themselves, achieve clarity in their message, and to see our work change lives is extremely rewarding.

What motivated us to create the Smoke presentation was that the message had to be impacting. My business partner and Founder & President, Yancey Unequivocally, suggested the topic of smoking because her father, age 44, died of lung cancer in her arms when she was young. A smoker herself in her teens, Yancey quickly gave up that bad habit once realizing the effects of cigarettes and smoking it caused her father to loose his life. Doing the research and uncovering shocking statistics on the effects of smoking, we have learned much ourselves about the effects on the environment and humanity. Creating Smoke was a great educational experience as well as the impact is has made on this world by spreading The Convenient Truth about Smoking.

Geetesh: I do see that Smoke is not just a presentation, but a powerful message that you convey to the audience – how has the response been, and are there any thoughts you would like to share?

Cory: The response from Smoke comes in every minute from all sorts of media. From changing hundreds of lives, to helping countless quit smoking, to assisting students from all over the world in creating their own version and thesis. By being a light to existing campaigns that is heard by millions every day about quitting smoking, Smoke – The Convenient Truth will be around for years to come to reflect upon, download, and discuss around the world.

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