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Brainshark and Brightcove: Conversation with Joe Gustafson

Joe Gustafson is the CEO and founder of Brainshark, Inc., whose cloud-based software enables users to create, share and track online and mobile video presentations. Under his leadership, Brainshark has helped thousands of companies improve the reach and results of their business communications, while dramatically reducing communications costs.

In this conversation, Joe discusses Brainshark’s newly announced partnership with Brightcove.

Geetesh: Who is Brightcove, and what does the Brainshark partnership with Brightcove mean to your users?

Joe: We’re very excited to be announcing this partnership with Brightcove, a leading online video platform used by media companies, businesses and organizations worldwide to publish and distribute video on the Web.

Through this partnership, our customers can now publish their Brainshark content to Brightcove’s platform. This lets them take advantage of Brightcove’s vast reach to achieve a broader distribution of their video assets and drive more website traffic. Brightcove also provides additional opportunities for content syndication and social sharing.

As you know, we’re strong believers that every businessperson should be able to communicate through online video without cost or technical barriers. Because Brainshark lets you add voice to PowerPoint decks to create online videos within minutes, Brightcove customers can also leverage our platform to easily create new video assets and use video more frequently for any timely business communications.

Geetesh: How easy will it be for Brainshark users to publish their presentations as video on Brightcove?

Joe: It’s very easy. The first step is for companies to input Brightcove credentials into their Brainshark administrative settings, so their users can access the “publish to Brightcove” functionality. Then – as you’ll see in the video presentation below – we enable one-click publishing of video content from Brainshark to Brightcove.

After users have created a Brainshark presentation, they simply click the “publish to Brightcove” link to send the video directly to Brightcove for processing. A link to the Brightcove video will appear, and the video will also be accessible from their Brightcove account and available for viewing from Brightcove’s player. It’s as easy as that!

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