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Casulo: Conversation with Bernardo Castello Branco

Bernardo Castello Branco graduated in Linguistics from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Bernardo started his career as an art director at São Paulo’s advertising agency CBBA-Propeg. In 1999, he became co-founder and director of Casulo – Digital Design, a multimedia design agency. In mid-2000, meeting the frequent requests of advertising agencies and direct clients, Casulo started to develop and design presentations. As this business area consolidated as an important income source, Bernardo and his partners, created in 2010 an independent new business unit: Casulo – Winning Presentations.

In this conversation, Bernardo talks about PowerPoint design, and his firm Casulo.

Geetesh: What are your perceptions on PowerPoint design, and is this branch of graphic design finally getting credit as a recognized, art form?

Bernardo: Presentation design and PowerPoint, as a design tool, were always been undervalued in the graphic design and art world. Certainly due to its apparent simplicity of use and effects, accessible to almost everyone, very few in the professional environment gave it the attention it really deserved.

More recently, thanks to the emergence of well designed slides by presentation design agencies which are presenting higher-level work in the market, there has been a marked increase in the quality and appreciation of slide design. With talent and creativity — and thanks to the newest multimedia and sharing capabilities of its new 2010 version, PowerPoint is on a new path to a well deserved recognition.

Geetesh: Tell us about the PowerPoint design that Casulo creates, and what are the unique facets that sets presentation design in Brazil apart from work done elsewhere in the world.

Bernardo: At Casulo, we have always appreciated the artistic and creative faculties because we believe in its major role in visual communication, and of course in presentation design, where PowerPoint reigns as tool.

In Brazil, design is something very well accepted and even highly cultivated. In recent years Brazilian design has grown and consolidated, being recognized worldwide as modern and matured, with its own style and personality. Our references are the aesthetics of a still young and positive country, which greatly believes in the future and is widely open to innovation, assimilating all the information that comes from other places (we value the work developed by Portuguese Tribe Presentations) and introducing its own rich and varied cultural aspects.

Naturally, this melange has spread to the Brazilian presentations design sphere and its major delivery tool: PowerPoint, clearly adding value, quality and personality to the work produced here.

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