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MightyMeeting: Conversation with Dmitri Tcherevik

Dmitri Tcherevik is the CEO and founder of MightyMeeting, a mobile collaboration and social sharing company. Prior to starting MightyMeeting, Dmitri was the CTO at FatWire, the largest independent web experience management company. FatWire acquired Infostoria, an Enterprise 2.0 company that Dmitri started after he left Computer Associates, where he was responsible for technology strategy and a number of innovative products and initiatives.

In this interview, Dmitri discusses MightyMeeting, and how end users can benefit from this mobile meeting platform.

Geetesh: What exactly is MightyMeeting, and what possibilities does it present to the end users?

Dmitri: MightyMeeting is a mobile presentation tool for every smart phone or tablet user. It is often used for presenting on-the-go, sometimes at a moment’s notice.

Users can put their presentations and demo videos in the cloud and access them anywhere from any device. One can connect a mobile device to a projector and present to a room full of people. One can also start an online meeting and present to the whole world directly from a smart phone or tablet.

MightyMeeting is popular with executives, entrepreneurs, sales people, college professors, doctors, and other professionals who need to present when away from the office.

Our focus on mobility and the mobile user differentiates MightyMeeting from other web conferencing services, such as WebEx, GoToMeeting, and others.

While other services may have iPhone or iPad applications, the reach of their technology is limited by the legacy infrastructure that was designed for fast and reliable office networks. For instance, many such apps can be used to attend a meeting but cannot be used to host a meeting or share a presentation from a mobile device.

In contrast, we built MightyMeeting from the ground up to work with mobile devices and unreliable wireless networks. Dropped calls and slow networks are not exceptions. They are part of the picture. This makes a big difference.

Geetesh: MightyMeeting works with existing technologies such as PowerPoint, iPhone, etc. – can you tell us more about these features?

Dmitri: MightyMeeting is available for the iPhone, iPad, TouchPad, and a range of Android phones and tablets. We also offer a lightweight HTML-only web application that runs on any device with a web browser.

When a user creates a free account on our site, they receive a unique email address. MightyMeeting users upload presentations by simply emailing them to this address from any device or any application. In a matter of minutes, a presentation is available to be viewed online or shared in a meeting. Presentations can be emailed in Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe PDF format.

We also make it super easy to join an audio conference. There are no dial-in numbers or passcodes to remember. You tap one button, and MightyMeeting calls your phone and joins you into the meeting. This feature will be making its debut on the TouchPad next month, when the device is launched by HP.

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