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Embrace Space – 5 Tips on Slide Composition by Chris Borales

PowerPoint and other presentation software packages try to aid novice presenters by providing pre-designed templates. These templates often clutter slide real estate and detract from your presentation’s message.

Don’t use them. Here are 5 tips on how to effectively use the solid background:

  1. Embrace Space

    Designers call the empty space “white space.” White space is your friend. Using it gives the text on your slides more impact.

  2. Your True Colors

    Believe it or not, the color of your slide affects your presentation.

    White: Clean and Clear.
    Blue: Trustworthy and Dependable.
    Green: Soothing and Relaxing.
    Red: Enthusiastic and Energetic.

    Use these colors accordingly. Think of the topic of your presentation and imagine which color suits it best.

  3. The Rule of Thirds

    Placement of text, images, charts and graphs is important, but where to place them?

    Photographers have been using this trick to create more interesting photographic compositions. Before you place your content onto a slide, divide your slide into thirds and place your slide content into these thirds.

  4. Templates and the Unavoidable

    My company typically wants all of its presenters to use specialized, branded templates, so sometimes templates are unavoidable. When you have to use templates do two things:

    Less Text: Only keep the essential text on the slide. This means trimming away any unnecessary text that can muddle the slide.
    Keep Images Interesting: Use images that enhance your points.

  5. The Background Image

    Background images are great ways to captivate your audience. High quality stock images or pictures that you have taken yourself work best.

As a marketer with Blackboard Inc., Chris Borales uses effective communication techniques and in-depth technical knowledge to create presentations that truly engage the audience. His ability to take design concepts and translate them into PowerPoint presentations led him to create his Tumblr blog: theartfulpresenter.tumblr.com. His site provides visitors with creative design ideas and techniques that can help elevate their presentations.

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