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iPad Presenting 08: Business use of Tablet Computing Surges

As expected, the iPad has led the revolution in tablet computing, even for business users. A survey-based study released by IDG shows that iPads are increasingly being used for business use — for everything from web browsing to communication, and social media to reading. You can download a copy of this survey as a PDF from the IDG Connect site. The survey findings are also available as a white paper on Apple’s AppStore.

Although the survey does not explore presenting on an iPad as a separate category, it goes without saying that the iPad has emerged as a mainstream work platform, albeit one where more content is consumed rather than created.

The following excerpt from the survey will certainly want you to explore the iPad as a business tool:

Fully 51% of IT decision-makers say they “always” use their iPad at work (and a further 40% say they sometimes use it at work). Out-of-home usage is even more intense, with 79% of IT decision-makers saying that they “always” use their iPads “on the move”.

And if you think that users have the same sort of fascination for tablets other than the iPad, then hear what IDG Connect, a mailer that I subscribe said:

An astounding 83% surveyed said they would not consider buying a different tablet next time.

Significantly, IDG’s survey results came in from respondents in all continents, representing a worldwide phenomenon — and these findings will play a very important role in how both vendors and users will look at computing platforms like the iPad.

At Indezine, we have already seen a huge surge in interest from readers about presenting using the iPad — we predict this interest will only grow higher! Watch this space for more stories on iPad Presenting!

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