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SlideShark Team Edition: Conversation with Jay Wilder

Jay Wilder is director of product marketing at Brainshark, Inc. Brainshark’s cloud-based software lets users create online and mobile video presentations – using simple business tools like PowerPoint and the telephone – and then share and track their content. Thousands of companies use Brainshark to improve the reach and results of their business communications, while dramatically reducing costs.

In this conversation, Jay discusses SlideShark Team Edition, which Brainshark is launching today.

Geetesh: What is SlideShark Team Edition, and how does it build upon the SlideShark app for the iPad?

Jay: We’re excited to be launching SlideShark Team Edition today. It’s the first multi-user version we’re rolling out of the SlideShark app.

SlideShark, as your readers may recall, is a free app we announced last fall. It solved a major problem for iPad users around the world: that is, PowerPoint’s lack of compatibility on the device. With SlideShark, now you can view and show your PowerPoint presentations with animations, fonts, graphics and colors intact. We’ve been pleased to report rapid adoption too –- getting two downloads per minute, 24×7, since SlideShark’s launch.

While the initial SlideShark app was more geared toward individuals, SlideShark Team Edition now provides powerful functionality to support teams within organizations. This new edition comes, in large part, due to requests from our enthusiastic user base. With SlideShark Team Edition, these users can now benefit from centralized content administration, team-wide access to content and detailed usage analytics.

Geetesh: Can you share some info on what you consider are compelling features within the Team Edition of SlideShark?

Jay: Absolutely. New functionality, as I mentioned, provides valuable support to teams within organizations. Not only can they properly and easily view PowerPoints from their iPads – something unprecedented only a few months back – but they can also take advantage of features such as:

We’ve priced SlideShark Team Edition at $149 per user on a team per year. Anyone can go to the SlideShark site and sign up for a 60-day free and full-featured trial. We’re looking forward to continuing to meet our users’ needs with this new edition of SlideShark –- helping them access content wherever they are, play it properly from their iPads and benefit from a host of powerful, multi-user features.

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