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Present.me Released: Conversation with Spencer Lambert

Spencer Lambert has run a presentation design consultancy, Slideclinic, since 1997 and has worked on hundreds, if not thousands of presentations for companies such as Microsoft, Glaxo SmithKline, KPMG and Barclays. Spencer is responsible for driving the growth of Present.me.

In this conversation, Spencer discusses the released version of Present.me.

Geetesh: We spoke a year ago when Present.me was in beta –- now that it is a released product, tell us more about what Present.me does, and what does it do best?

Spencer: Present.me is a better way of presenting online. It enables individuals and organisations to create and share presentations online, so that the viewer sees both content (slides, photos or document) and the presenter (via webcam or uploaded video) side-by-side, on-demand. Think YouTube meets Slideshare.

People talk about ‘sending a presentation’, and then just send slides. But the slides are only half the story. We need to see and hear the presenter as well, and at the same time. The problem was editing together the content and the recorded video in a simple way; we have solved that problem. Present.me is the next best thing to being in a room with them and in one respect it is better; because it is on-demand it is at everyone’s convenience.

We see it has having a whole host of uses across industries. Communicating with customers of clients, pitching for business, updating a team, setting assignments for students or applying for a job. You can see example presentmes for all of these uses on our site.

In terms of what it does best, well there are other services out there which allow you to present content, but Present.me really is the only one which allows you to create an online presentation with yourself presenting it, viewable on demand. I would say the best thing about it is it’s simplicity – it’s really easy to upload content, click record and talk into your webcam as you click through your slides. It’s in the cloud so you don’t need to install anything, and it’s mobile so will work in any browser, on an iPad and coming soon on any Android or iOS device with an app.

Geetesh: Can you tell us about the various free and paid plans that Present.me offers?

Spencer: Now Present.me has launched out of beta it’s publicly available to everyone. Our Free account allows you to upload three presentmes a month, one private, and 15 minutes each. The Plus account is $9 a month, allows 30 presentmes up to 60 minutes each and unlimited private. Then the Pro account is $39 a month and allows unlimited presentmes, again at 60 minutes each. We do offer corporate and education pricing on request.

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