infoDiagram: Conversation with Peter Zvirinsky

infoDiagram: Conversation with Peter Zvirinsky

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Peter Zvirinsky

Peter ZvirinskyPeter Zvirinsky is from the very heart of Europe -– he’s a Slovak, now developing his business in Poland. Peter is a big fan of sketching and simple visual communication. Besides being the founder of, Peter and his wife, a professional designer run, a slide design company where they create tailor-made presentation slides for various companies. Prior to starting his own business, Peter had been working as a head of marketing & business development in data analytics consultancy. He also acted as a trainer on presenting and IT topics.

In this conversation, Peter discusses his infoDiagram site.

Geetesh: Tell us about infoDiagram, what do you provide at this site, and what motivated you to create it?

Peter: Hello Geetesh. Thanks for asking.

We created to help people use visualizations in their presentations so they use less text and more visual diagrams. provides pre-designed editable visuals. For example if you are creating a SWOT analysis, there is a slides set which you can fill with your content. As a result, you can create professionally looking slides and save your designing time.

Other content covers various management methodologies and training materials. We also provide generic graphical elements such as handwritten icons and sketched shapes for enhancing presentations — e.g. handdrawn markers, highlighters, arrows and figures.

Our illustrations are fully editable directly in PowerPoint so people can freely change colors, shapes, resize without losing illustration quality, as is the case of bitmap pictures.

InfoDiagram, as an idea was born when I was working in a consultancy company. There, we dealt with many complex concepts that needed to be explained. I saw how communication could be much more effective if people used drawings to support their written text. However, there was usually lack of time or skills to create well-designed illustrations.

Thus, together with some friends, we decided to create a website for presentation designers.

I encourage all Indezine readers to try out our visuals. We offer 20% discount for all readers (just use code ind2012 in purchase form — valid until the end of this year).

Geetesh: Most of your content has a hand-written, organic look to it. Why is it important for presenters to embrace this look?

Peter: Yes, handwritten shapes and clip arts are our specialty. We love this graphical style. It give a nice personal touch to usually formal presentation content.

I think presenters should use more handmade elements. This way presentations could look more friendly and more authentic. Even if someone is presenting some unexciting data — adding a handwritten highlight to the key data values gives the presentation a unique personal style. It shows that there is a human presenter behind, rather than that it was prepared by a machine.

One of our customers has expressed the power of handwritten elements very well: “They are warm and express joy, which makes people more receptive to the content; they make the presentation seem natural, spontaneous and out of the ordinary and this is what I am looking for in my presentations”.

Check out our handwritten work for free. Get a sample of handwritten PowerPoint shapes and icons. Now there are also Christmas icons, so people can design their personal cards in PowerPoint. Try to experiment with them – they are all vector shapes, hence fully editable in PowerPoint.

Let’s build more effective presentations, with less text-only slides.

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