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Buy Office 2010 or 2011, and Get Office 2013 Free!

Tomorrow is a new year — 2013 to be precise. And Office 2013 is expected to be released sometime soon in the first quarter of 2013. Conventional wisdom in such a scenario is to postpone any decision to buy the existing version of Office — and wait for the new one to be released. Yet, there’s a compelling reason to ignore that conventional wisdom and take the plunge now! Even if you already have Office 2010 for Windows — or Office 2011 for Mac, it makes sense to get a license today.

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Microsoft has announced that anyone who buys a licensed copy of Office 2010 for Windows will get a free upgrade to Office 2013 (or Office 365) when it is released. You could have actually availed of this offer anytime after October 26th 2012 — so if you bought a license of Office last week or two months ago, you may still be eligible to get a free copy of Office 2013!


  2. Microsoft has opened up this offer to Mac users of Office too — if you buy Office 2011 for Mac, you will still be eligible to get upgraded to Office 365 Home Premium — the Office 365 Home Premium product includes latest versions of Office for 5 computers (both Macs and Windows are supported).

  3. So if you buy, install, and activate Office 2010 or 2011 today — you still get to use that version, and the new version too! That’s always good because the new version may have added, changed, or removed some features — and you have access to an older version just in case! This also gives you time to migrate from the older to the newer version at your own convenience.

  4. Also there may be plenty of offers available for those who buy Office 2010 or 2011 today — once Office 2013 is released, you’ll have to pay premium price and not expect any great offers for at least a few months. Microsoft is offering a free USB portable speaker to those who buy a copy of Office Home and Student 2010 in some countries (here’s a link to the offer for India) — other countries may have similar offers. Amazon has also discounted some editions of Office by as much as 33% off their published prices — and yes, these are all eligible to get you the next version of Office for free!
  5. If you run both Windows and Mac computers, this is a great offer since you can get Office 2011 for Mac and have access to latest Office products for both your Mac and Windows computers as part of Office 365 Home Premium.
  6. Remember that Office 2013 only runs on Windows 7 and 8 — if you are running Windows XP or Vista, then this is a great chance to get Office 2010, which does run on those older Windows versions — and then a license for Office 2013 when you ultimately upgrade to Windows 7 or 8!

Do note though that you should read the fine print on Microsoft’s site to confirm if you are eligible — also find out if this offer is valid in your country. Once you find you are eligible, you will have to install and activate your Office 2010 or 2011 now — then send an easy e-mail reminder to Microsoft who in turn will let you know how to download your license for Office 2013 or Office 365 once the new product is available — you then download and install the new version for free!

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