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In our last post about Adobe Presenter, we looked at its beginnings as Presedia Producer. And that’s where the comparison ends. Adobe has added features and possibilities over successive versions to make this new version such a power-packed program that there’s little to compare.

Rather than do an introduction to Adobe Presenter conventionally, we decided to do this as a small FAQ post – so here are the questions and answers you want to explore!

  1. What exactly is Adobe Presenter? Is it an add-in, or is it a standalone program?

    The answer could be both: an add-in that works inside PowerPoint, or a standalone program — but if we had to choose just one answer, then this program is certainly an add-in. It does much more within PowerPoint than it does outside it.

    Presenter shows up as a tab within the PowerPoint Ribbon, as shown in Figure 1, below.

    Figure 1: The Presenter tab within the PowerPoint Ribbon

    The various options available are placed within groups:

    • Audio: Record, sync, import, and edit voice-overs.
    • Video: Record your screen activity along with your webcam — and this is where Presenter springs up as a separate, standalone program outside of PowerPoint.
    • Application Simulation: Record application simulations — this option requires that you also have Adobe Captivate installed on your system.
    • Insert: Insert characters, interactions, scenes, videos, and Flash movies.
    • Quiz: Create and manage quizzes with a full featured module.
    • Theme: Apply Themes to create a standardized look for Presenter’s output — note that these Themes are not the same as PowerPoint’s Themes.
    • Presentation: Publish your Presenter project as a finished file that can be shared — Presenter 9 allows you to publish to tablet platforms such as the iPad.
  2. How much of a learning curve is required to be productive with Adobe Presenter?

    Essentially, you must be a PowerPoint user to be able to work with Presenter — if you already know how to use PowerPoint, then Presenter will provide you with a feel of working within that same program — in fact the integration is so seamless, you may as well think you are working inside PowerPoint. Presenter is just another tab in your PowerPoint Ribbon and all options work in the same way as you would expect typical PowerPoint options to behave like.

  3. What’s the newest version of Presenter, and how much does it cost?

    The newest version is Presenter 9, and it costs $499. You can also upgrade from Presenter 8, the older version for $199. Additionally, Presenter is also available as a subscription product — you will pay $14.99 a month for an annual subscription.

  4. Are there any resources that will tell me more about Adobe Presenter, and give me a head start with learning the program?

    Here are some great resources:

    • Adobe Presenter has an active YouTube channel with plenty of tutorials and walkthroughs.
    • The Adobe TV site has several videos on Adobe Presenter — these are higher in resolution than the ones available on the YouTube channel.
    • Rapid eLearning is the name of the Adobe Presenter blog.
    • The Adobe for Academics site has plenty of informative content on all Adobe products — make sure you filter the content by product, and choose Adobe Presenter.

Here’s a video that discusses Presenter 9, the newest version available.

Also here’s an informative video that walks you through Presenter

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