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GoSkills PowerPoint Training: Conversation with Bhavneet Chahal

Bhavneet is Managing Director and Co-Founder of GoSkills, an online learning company that helps anyone learn business skills to reach their personal and professional goals. Her passion for accessible online learning began when she saw a need for flexible learning options for busy professionals, combined with a website that was modern, well-designed and intuitive. GoSkills provides online courses for career advancement and selects the top tutors in the world to help design and develop their courses.

In this conversation, Bhavneet discusses about GoSkills’ new PowerPoint Training.

Geetesh: Why is it so important to get the right training in PowerPoint skills? Can you share some thoughts?

Bhavneet: I believe PowerPoint is a tool that many business professionals use in their daily work, but fail to explore its many useful and helpful features. This is because it’s often a self-taught application — we aren’t taught how to use PowerPoint at school or at university, but are expected to know how to use it!

As a result, we learn just what we need to know and fail to discover the treasures that lie beneath. PowerPoint really has so many wonderful features that many people don’t know how to use or may not even know existed — we feel it’s important to share these and to help people create beautiful and engaging presentations.

Geetesh: Tell us about the PowerPoint video training options available from GoSkills and what sets your training options apart from others?

Bhavneet: The GoSkills PowerPoint course consists of 34 business-focused course modules, covering the basics and interface to advanced topics like removing picture backgrounds. The course was designed and developed by award-winning PowerPoint experts (including Indezine’s very own Geetesh Bajaj) and consists of HD video tutorials, transcripts, cheat sheets, exercises and short quizzes for each module.

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What sets us apart? We don’t only cover PowerPoint’s technical features. As it’s not just about the tool, we wanted to show people how to use PowerPoint effectively. So our tutorials are a mix of technical features and advice on how, when and where to use those features to truly engage your audience with your next presentation.

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