SlideShark Anywhere: Conversation with David Klein

SlideShark Anywhere: Conversation with David Klein

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David Klein

David KleinDavid Klein is vice president of product management at Brainshark, Inc., a leader in cloud-based business presentations. Brainshark’s offerings include Brainshark On-Demand — for turning static content such as PowerPoint documents into online and mobile video presentations — and SlideShark, the award-winning app for showing and sharing PowerPoints from iOS devices and more. Thousands of companies use Brainshark to improve the reach and results of their business communications, while dramatically reducing costs.

In this conversation, David discusses SlideShark Anywhere, launched yesterday.

Geetesh: Tell us about SlideShark Anywhere, and what’s the raison d’être of this app?

David: I’d be happy to. We continue to see great adoption of SlideShark — which, to date, has been an iOS-only app. As many of your readers know, it lets iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users properly show and share PowerPoints from their iOS devices. SlideShark Team Edition, our multi-user, business version, is relied on by companies around the world to also securely distribute, track and manage presentations in the cloud; broadcast presentations live over the Web and more. We continue to see growing interest, enthusiasm and use among these corporate users.

In many organizations, though, not everyone who gives presentations has an iPad. In other cases, presenters have iPads and computers — and folks like sales reps may want to present from their iPad while on the road and from their computer when at their desk.

For this reason, we created SlideShark Anywhere — extending key SlideShark presentation capabilities to users on their PCs, Macs and Windows 8 tablets. These users can now access their presentation content from one place and present it from the most convenient device at hand. SlideShark Anywhere is browser-based and a feature of SlideShark Team Edition.

SlideShark Anywhere_presenter view screen

SlideShark Anywhere_presenter view screen

SlideShark Anywhere_full screen w tray

SlideShark Anywhere_full screen w tray

Geetesh: With PowerPoint already available on the same platforms, what additional capabilities does SlideShark Anywhere bring?

David: That’s a great question: Why wouldn’t you just use PowerPoint to present? While SlideShark initially launched to bridge PowerPoint’s incompatibility on the iPad, companies today depend on the app for a lot more — including many features that go beyond what PowerPoint offers.

For example, Team Edition subscribers rely on the app to:

  • Provide secure, central access to approved presentations.

  • Distribute and manage presentations in the cloud.

  • Track presentation views and activity — including who’s interacting with the content that has been distributed. This gives the marketing content authors clear feedback on which deck is being presented, time spent on each slide, attendees to any broadcast session and more. This all provides unprecedented insight into sales activities and content usage.

  • Broadcast presentations live over the Web and track attendance.

  • Ensure version control. When a presentation is updated, the latest copy is automatically pushed out to everyone with access to the deck, overriding the previous version.

So now, with SlideShark Anywhere, companies can take advantage of these benefits on a much larger scale, driving productivity and performance improvements, and shortening sales cycles. Their users can easily access approved, up-to-date content from a central location, and present and broadcast it from anywhere — whether they’re on their iOS device, PC, Mac or Windows 8 tablet. And SlideShark’s extensive reporting — with data on shared and viewed content, decks presented/content usage, broadcast session attendees and more — is available, regardless of whether the presenter used a mobile device or computer.

We’re really excited to bring this to market and have had many requests from customers for this type of advanced functionality. We’re grateful, as always, for the opportunity to discuss it with your audience. If they’re interested in more details, we’ve provided a brief demo presentation below as well.

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