iSpring Pro's Publish to YouTube: Conversation with Yury Uskov

iSpring Pro’s Publish to YouTube: Conversation with Yury Uskov

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Yury Uskov

Yury Uskov
Yury Uskov is the founder and CEO of iSpring Solutions Inc., an international software company focused on providing professional e-Learning authoring tools based in PowerPoint. iSpring products are widely recognized as robust, effective, and extremely easy-to-use software with an outstanding price/quality ratio. iSpring is headquartered in Alexandria, VA.

In this conversation, Yury discusses the new publish to YouTube feature in iSpring Pro 7.1

Geetesh: iSpring Pro 7.1 now publishes directly to YouTube. How does this capability strengthen iSpring Pro’s position as the leading PowerPoint conversion tool?

Yury: Direct publishing to YouTube right from PowerPoint is a capability that iSpring first pioneered with iSpring SlideAlloy. Now that this option has been included with iSpring Pro, users have an entire arsenal of publishing options available for any level of presentation interactivity on any device.

iSpring helps PowerPoint users easily create professional-quality video presentations in the environment they already know, then convert their slides to video and publish them directly to YouTube in one click. The conversion and upload process is performed in a single step, making it a truly hands-off procedure. iSpring can even publish with the YouTube quality profile 1920×1080 HD, to ensure the best possible viewing experience for your video presentation.

iSpring Pro's Publish to YouTube

iSpring Pro's Publish to YouTube

Geetesh: How good is the video conversion as far as the fidelity of the output is concerned? Can you share some thoughts?

Yury: The iSpring conversion engine captures video information directly from PowerPoint. Since the conversion process utilizes a direct capture, rather than a deconstruction/reconstruction process, all your vector graphics, animations and transitions will be perfectly preserved in the output video with the same quality as the original PowerPoint content.

iSpring enables fine-tuning of video resolution and compression settings right within PowerPoint. The iSpring engine utilizes the MP4 container and the H.264 codec for the optimal balance of compatibility, quality, and download/streaming speed. Whether publishing to an .MP4 video or directly to YouTube, all your work will look the same as you created it in PowerPoint. If you have a specific device in mind, you can select the resolution that best suits that device.

With this new upgrade, iSpring Pro is the easiest and most powerful PowerPoint-based tool for creating video presentations and rich-media mashups. That’s why thousands of customers worldwide choose iSpring, thanks to the unique combination of reliability, quality, and all these new features.

Attention Grabber.
Attention Grabber

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