TeamSlide: Conversation with Kartik Sundar

TeamSlide: Conversation with Kartik Sundar

Created: Thursday, November 5, 2015 posted by at 3:45 am

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Kartik SundarKartik Sundar is focused on helping consultants improve their productivity. As a former management and corporate strategy consultant, Kartik has firsthand knowledge of consulting workflows and understands the process of building insightful business presentations. He is now a co-founder at Aploris GmbH, a software firm that builds PowerPoint-focused productivity tools.

In this conversation, Kartik discusses TeamSlide, a content management solution that helps keep PowerPoint content at your fingertips.

Geetesh: Can you tell us more about TeamSlide – how and why TeamSlide was created?

Kartik: As a consultant, quickly finding the right PowerPoint slide, chart or graphic was consistently painful. The process involved opening multiple files, flipping through hundreds of slides, emailing others, and worst of all, recreating slides.

Given the tight deadlines, significant employee turnover, and highly mobile workforce, we had to find a better way to share PowerPoint content. We developed TeamSlide to address this need and ensure that users could instantly find and share the specific content they needed.

Either in the cloud or on your premises, TeamSlide connects with your files and separates them into individual slides with image previews. You can also store individual objects, including graphics and videos. Within PowerPoint, TeamSlide then allows users to find, preview, insert, and share content with just a few clicks.

TeamSlide is designed to effectively work in high-performance settings:

  • PowerPoint integrated: You can search and insert content into your presentation without ever leaving PowerPoint
  • Intelligent search: TeamSlide uses smart algorithms that, for example, can examine slide titles to find the specific content you need
  • Knowledge capture: In addition to finding content, you can also share content with a few clicks
  • Beyond presentations: TeamSlide works with slide loops, single slides, and any object on a slide (chart, picture, video)
  • Firm-wide fit: TeamSlide can be configured to work within your KM strategy and IT architecture

The feedback from our users has been incredible. I had one customer recently tell me that TeamSlide is “simple and intuitive, and saves us an enormous amount of time”.

TeamSlide – Keeps PowerPoint content at your fingertips

Geetesh: Can you share a small case-study, a user experience or anything else that explains how TeamSlide allowed someone to remedy a real-life problem with slides?

Kartik: Our customers range from small boutique operations that are trying to ensure all members have the right graphics and templates, to global institutions that are exposing their knowledge archives to end users.

We recently worked with the healthcare division of large consulting firm that had updated their visual identity and were looking for help with managing their PowerPoint content. In the near term, they wanted to ensure that their global group of consultants had instant access to the latest templates, example charts, icons and other graphical elements. In the mid-term, they wanted to start to expose their archive of presentations so that they could leverage their complete knowledge base when putting together sales proposals or solving problems with their clients.

We worked collaboratively to better understand their needs and their knowledge management strategy. Initially, we worked closely with a couple of primary users that helped administer TeamSlide and bring content online. We shared best practices and helped determine library access rights.

Later we opened up TeamSlide to their consultants and provided the necessary training and support they needed to successfully adopt the solution. After testing TeamSlide for a few weeks, the significant value that TeamSlide was creating was clear.

TeamSlide helped bring consistency to their consultants’ presentations, resulting in better interactions with their clients. Because TeamSlide plugs into PowerPoint, their consultants were able to effectively use it without disrupting their workflows. In addition, TeamSlide provided a central secure repository that is simply managed.

As with all our customers, we continue to engage with them to better understand their evolving needs and ensure that they are maximizing the benefits of TeamSlide.

TeamSlide is embedded in PowerPoint allowing uses to insert content into their presentations with just a click

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